Remember me when I die

When i die, remember me when you see the moon, art galleries, cats and all the pastel colors especially the brown. Remember me by looking at flowers, butterflies, even the small little ones for which you knew I adored them. Remember me when someone mentions cold coffee, ancient history, blogging, flim cameras, aesthetic, books, black … More Remember me when I die

I chase butterflies 

From what I’ve heard, every person symbolizes butterfly in a contrasting way. For some it represents freedom, a remembrance of youth, few say it’s a symbol of feminime or fragility and for the rest, it’s just an eye candy creature.If you ask me, I’ll say it personifies the temporary moment of love and happiness that … More I chase butterflies 

Goodbye 2021 : )

“Mama asked me what my plan is for the futureBut I don’t even know what’s going on for dinnerI’m 24 now, thought I could finally settle down Parties end before I’m drunkFriday night I’m tired as fuckI don’t know how I ended up like thisCan someone tell me what the hell I missed? (Missed, yeah)” … More Goodbye 2021 : )

Should I call you online bestie or a known stranger?

I think we all should normalize instantly starting friendship with someone whom we’ve just met only through online or social media.Whether we like it or not, the perspective of the world became small; small enough to fit in our phone especially in this ongoing covid pandemic. All schools, colleges, office works, companies, and even government … More Should I call you online bestie or a known stranger?