Should I call you online bestie or a known stranger?

I think we all should normalize instantly starting friendship with someone whom we’ve just met only through online or social media.
Whether we like it or not, the perspective of the world became small; small enough to fit in our phone especially in this ongoing covid pandemic. All schools, colleges, office works, companies, and even government businesses are running online. We still haven’t met our family, friends, or even strangers in person.

Everyone is having hardships whether it’s grief, depression, loneliness, poverty, failure, unemployment, or breakups. The grown-ups or elders have experience and can at least handle them but the youngsters who join school or college for the first time and the small kids who are about to get admission in ‘online nursery schools’ are finding it harder to handle. They feel so disconnected from literally everyone and everything.

I have a brother in my home. He is only 5 years old. All I can see is him playing and goofing around during online classes. He has no friends. How can we expect kids to pay attention or interact with others through a mere screen who doesn’t even know what it is? If you look at the Google Meet video screen, no kid listens to the teachers except their parents taking down notes and homework to be done. I kinda feel pity for the teachers even though it’s hilarious to watch them. One time I saw him yelling at a teacher who called his name for attendance after each period. He was like “whaaatt? Why are you calling me always?”.
They neither have respect towards teachers nor interest in studying. Well, no one can blame them. They don’t know what it’s like to go to school, sit in a class with other kids, how scary and friendly some teachers are or how it feels like to go out. After being stuck in a home for all his life, all he knows is food, play games, and those damn four walls.

I also knew another kid who is 11 years, doesn’t have much interaction with anyone due to transferring new school and having it all in online. I heard her complaining that her parents don’t allow her to play games, create chat groups with the other classmates or even help her in doing homework. I get it, parents are busy and are afraid to give full access to the internet or mobile to their kids but they fail to understand their mentality in this current situation.

Coming to my story, college life sucks!!
If I can’t interact with anyone in person, then I have to at least start socializing with good people online. I know I can’t live alone like this in my room for the rest of my life.
I don’t use social medias much but recently I opened insta, stood active on whatsapp and other platforms just to be in contact with my classmates. We discuss studies, homework and help each other to clear doubts. Just like that, we became friends. Friends in the sense like – “I know you but I don’t”. It’s like “I know you’ll send laughing emoji right now but I don’t know how you laugh or whether you get dimple when you smile.” Our friendship is also like “I know you enough to be friends but not enough to accept you more than a stranger”.

There is this one constant fear which continues to haunt me. Sometimes I get sad thinking about whether they’ll stay the same if I meet them in person.

I also feel like our friendship lives only through the phone, no emotions or feelings attached without it.
Well, you can advise me to FaceTime or call him or her to get close but I like to take things slow. The same happens with my blogging friends too. My parents had always taught me one thing straight: Don’t Talk To Strangers!!! Thus it’s kinda difficult for me to break that rule which I’d followed for years. I know they are my classmates but still, trust is not earned that easily and me being shy and too cautious, it’ll take more time. It’s sad knowing that’s my new normal.

The same goes with my blogging buddies too. Now I have friends from over different continents. I won’t have started blogging or met you all if there was no lockdown.

It’s strange to have a friend whom you’ve never hugged, shook hands, or looked into their eyes but you have been touched by their soul, words and felt the warmth of their being.

My dear friend,

Who are you to me exactly? Online bestie or a known stranger?

I don’t know if we’ll ever meet. Maybe yes, most probably no. Even if we don’t, it’s like you are the only person who has known me forever and I can always count on you.



45 thoughts on “Should I call you online bestie or a known stranger?

  1. Trust yourself and your own judgement, Pavithra. There’s no single rule for meeting strangers like me online. We open up on some topics but they are carefully selected. That’s wise! And every blog has its own culture. Religion and politics for example may be central or deliberately avoided as a topic. We share parts of ourselves — and they’re authentic parts, mostly. You’ve got a good grasp of the etiquette of blogging: I can tell by the comments of your very friendly friends. You asked us such a good question! In real life, we have circles of friends, don’t we– overlapping circles and concentric circles, close friend and acquaintances and friends who share special interests. Maybe that happens online too.

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  2. Awesome Post. The thing “I know you but I don’t” is so common in my college too. But I have abondoned all social medias completely. At first I was like how will I stay up to date with my friends but then I realise they are just people I know as classmates not friends. So I never care about them anymore. At present with only whatsapp account, I am happy being alone.

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    1. Thank you so much for validating my feelings!! One who enjoys his own company knows how to handle his life very well. Even i dont use social medias much and because of that I lost so many friends but the ones who decided to stay are my precious ones and for me, that is more than enough. I prefer quality over quantity.

      Happy to hear that ❤️


  3. You know, you’d be a really great person to hang out with in real life. I’m really hoping to do so one day and I’m sure we’d be great friends as well 😄

    As someone who’s still in 12th Grade, I can understand that this transition is really on a whole other level: especially with this online transition. It almost seems gruesome when you’re one of the only people who actually interacts in class, and it makes it even more dull. However, blogging has really helped me connect with people who share similar interests and be able to relate to them. It’s almost as if I’ve known them for quite some time and I feel a bit relaxed when I do so.

    Once again, I’m so glad to have met you along this blogging journey! ❤

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    1. Aww thank you so much!! You brought a huge smile on my face.
      Having your final school year in online must be pretty hard to intake. I can feel you because online classes are more like a one way conversation and only a few students unmute themselves and engage in the class.
      I’m happy to hear that blogging helped you at times like this. I started blogging during the beginning of lockdown 2020 and it has helped me to cope up with stress, a lot more than I expected. I can freely share my thoughts here and people won’t judge but share their experience and point of view. That’s really a beautiful and healthy relationship.

      Me too!! Sending lots of love and healings to you ❤️

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  4. I found you from the BTS Collaboration blog and this is the first post I’ve read. I agree, it is emotionally daunting to know that we really don’t know the people whom we know online. I am still keeping this hope that schools and colleges will reopen (it is expected to open by nov 1 in our state) and therefore, things MIGHT return to normal.

    My besy wishes to you !!

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    1. Thank you so much!! I’m glad you agree with me too. I really hope the situation gets better as soon as possible.
      Thanks once again. You too : )
      Sending much love and healings to you. Have a great day ahead ✨


  5. I just love your posts so much!!!
    To me, you’re the person I relate with the most. I don’t know how we have so many similarities and sometimes even when reading your posts I feel like this is what I also want to say. Honestly, when I’m with my irl life friends I don’t really talk about my interests but with my blogging friends, with you I never hesitate to share my excitement and talk about the things I really love.
    I really wish we could meet a day!

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    1. Ahhh now you are making me emotional!! 😭 I know I already said this but I also wish we could meet in person because you know about me so well that even my real life friends could never understand. I can always count on you.
      You are right about blogging friends. They are too precious ❤️
      It might seem impossible but let’s meet one day in korea and explore the city with our friends!! 🤞🏻

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  6. I really connected with this post! I’m pretty introverted in real life and not too social but I do a lot better online. I find it much easier to connect with people on the internet and although you do have to be careful it’s still nice to be able to meet similar people. With the pandemic we all had to spend a lot of time isolated or away from friends and I think many people turned to meeting new people on the internet. I have been blogging for a while now and have made actual friends I consider close friends even compared to real life friendships.

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    1. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts into it. Exactly me too!! Because of my personality, it was easier to connect with people through online but still, sometimes I feel like I don’t know much about them to fully trust.
      I totally agree with you. Online and especially blog friends are way supportive and understanding than my real friends. It’s because we read their posts everyday and know everything about them. ❤️

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  7. Wow Pavithra this is really amazing. Like I wanna type a long comment saying how awesome this is yet I find it so relatable that I’m speechless. Although, I haven’t had even one online class since Covid started but I can still relate when it comes to blogging buddies✨.
    I prefer known stranger. It has a nice ring to it and it’s more accurate. What do you prefer though?
    Once again, this is an amazing post🌺

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    1. Aww thanks a lot, Sabrina!! ❤️
      I’m so happy to hear that you enjoyed reading it.
      That’s actually pretty good, you know, to have long and deep conversation with strangers. I love communicating with my blogger friends through comments. It feels so good and real.. But sometimes I feel like I need someone to physically be present right beside me when I need them.

      Thanks once again for validating my feelings and understanding it. 😊

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  8. This is so true the first time there is a stigma around creating friendships online and I get why parents are concerned, the internet can be dangerous sometimes, but I feel like the whole don’t talk to strangers think is a double standard. All of my closest friends were starngers to me before, if I would not have talked to them things would have been very different now.All friends start off as strangers anyways.

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    1. Thanks for agreeing with me. You are absolutely right and I get your point. Like you said, we all started out as strangers at first and later became friends.

      Once again thanks for sharing your thoughts and experience.

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  9. This is super true and a great post Pavithra! During the pandemic I stopped seeing so many friends so when I first met them again it was a bit strange for a while because as you said, our connection was only online for the longest time. I hope you get to physically go to college soon and meet all your friends!
    I would consider most of the people in this blogging community my “online besties” because even though we’ve never met, we get to learn so much about each other’s feelings and interests through blog posts and get to interact through blog comments. It’s my favourriiteeee thing about blogging ☺️💞

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    1. Thank you so much!! It means a lot.
      Exactly!! It feels so awkward to speak to them because all our conversations were through text and never in person.

      Blogging buddies are the best because like you said, we get to read their emotions and personal lives regularly so we understand them better without actually knowing them!! I love that about blogging too.

      Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts into it ❤️

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  10. The pandemic has made us lose so many people, and it’s destroying education too.
    My dog has cancer and we lost precious days when she could have been operated on because COVID made us isolate. It’s just giving the cancer more chance to spread to her heart. And their is delays in the lab because of COVID. She was meant to be operated on in June. When she finally got operated on because of COVID, it was mid September. The pandemic is the reason for loss of education, people, and so many other things. No politicians can decide what to do. I guess at least here in the uk it has got a lot better because of the vaccine.

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    1. You are absolutely right. I’m so sorry to hear that. It must have been very hard to digest. Due to this pandemic, I also lost my beloved grandfather and I still couldn’t accept it.
      I felt like I lost everything whether it’s my education, people, socializing or even my passion.
      Ah, that’s a relief. Let’s hope covid ends as soon as possible and we will all get back to being normal. Sending much love and healings to you : )

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  11. The way I relate college life sucks. But you said you feel disconnected because you haven’t met your friends in a long time see social media is actually the only way out in the pandemic pre pandemic I did not have any social accounts but see right now its the only way to get going. You said your parents said have told you since childhood that do not talk to strangers (all parents say that lol) but right now its only the so called strangers that you get to interact with because I personally feel that only a person you don’t know personally will not judge you at least it works for me. At the end of the day we are all in this together. FaceTime and Insta and twitter and WhatsApp is all we have right now hard truth but true. Don’t worry we will come out stronger than before if you feel like you need to talk someone you can get in touch with me through my blog. I love to hear people out one of the prime reasons I started a blog. Take care bub!!!🥺💓🤍✨

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    1. Thanks for sharing your valuable thoughts into it. You are absolutely right.
      We need to accept the change and hold on to hope because nothing lasts forever.
      Thank you so much. Sure, you too. Have a great day ahead ✨

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  12. Why did this make me cry?🥺
    You’re so right. We all feel so disconnected from the world, our friends and family. I haven’t seen some of my friends since last year and it really sucks.
    I always call you my blog bestieee cause that’s what you are. Will we ever meet bestie? I don’t know but I’m glad to know you exist and I got to know you through your blog💜✨

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    1. 😭✊🏻
      We all are in the same boat.
      Aww I know, you are one among my favorite blog bestie. I’m glad to find you too. I don’t have much army friends in real so it always feels great to speak about them freely to you!! 💜💜

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  13. I love your blog posts so much!

    And yes it’s really feels confusing, that are the people we met online, a stranger? Or an friend?

    By blogging, specially in lifestyle blogs, we know each other so much that it’s hard to call each other a stranger. But the other way, it’s like we know them, but we don’t even know who they are, where they live, what they do, how they do stuff, or anything like that!

    We can say, that we know them from inside (not completely tho) and we don’t know them from outside.

    Awesome post Pavithra! Hope that you can be able to settle down in the new normal :).

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    1. Thanks a lot Betty!! You really made my day ❤️
      Guess I was not the only one going through this identity crisis.
      You are absolutely true and that’s what I meant. Especially as lifestyle bloggers, we know about them so personally. From my experience, I think they are far more better than many fake friends i see in real. Even though we don’t know about them completely, sometimes it feels so good to talk to them about our problems just like how taking with a random person help us feel less burden.

      Let’s hope!! : )
      Have a great day ahead ✨


  14. Yes, it’s been a very difficult phase of all our lives. I can understand the situations of online class as you described here after a conversation with my Aunt about her son’s online classes and how much attentive the students are. It feels bad to see this sorry state of education. Hope all the classes and schools resume soon to end this horrible situation disturbing our future.

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  15. College can a huge transition. Even for us, it took nearly a year for the entire class to bond. The industrial visit increased the strength of those bonds. Now, with online classes it can be hard to actually be friends with people. Sitting in front of a screen can be a trying experience too. Online classes have become more of a burden for parents and teachers!

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    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts into it. I completely agree with you. Teachers are struggling more than us. Their teaching method became more like a monologue while we all sit comfortably with our mic mute and camera off.

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