Feeling 22~

Hey everyone!!! I’m back again and guess what, last monday was my birthday!!! Now, I’m officially 22. Yeayyyy!! How have you all been? As for me, I’m doing really great. You might be wondering “where this girl has gone all these months/ is she even alive” and to answer that, I’ve started or more precisely…. … More Feeling 22~

Tamil Playlist Supremacy

#posting old drafts# To everyone who asks do I listen to only Korean, English and Hindi songs: “தமிழ் தந்த அடையாளம் (Thanks to Tamizh for giving me my identity)என் கனவே எனக்கு கடிவாளம் (My dream is the leash that will guide me)திசை நூறு பறந்தாலும் (I might fly in 100 directions)என் இசையே எனக்கு மொழியாகும்” (But my music is … More Tamil Playlist Supremacy

Back again 😊

Hey everyone!! It feels so good to be back again in WordPress without feeling the burden of submitting my assignments or preparing for exams. Uff anyway, my fall semester exams are officially over, which means I’ll have lot of free time to binge-watch series, listen songs, paint, draw and most importantly write reviews and blog … More Back again 😊