Remember me when I die

When i die, remember me when you see the moon, art galleries, cats and all the pastel colors especially the brown. Remember me by looking at flowers, butterflies, even the small little ones for which you knew I adored them. Remember me when someone mentions cold coffee, ancient history, blogging, flim cameras, aesthetic, books, black … More Remember me when I die

Hometown cha cha cha 🏡 |Review

If you are looking for a feel-good, positive, refreshing K-drama, then you are in the right place. When I was searching for some new K-drama to watch next in Netflix, ‘Hometown cha cha cha’ caught my attention. And then I googled for it’s review only to see the word ‘healing’ in most of the comments. … More Hometown cha cha cha 🏡 |Review

Current Playlist~

Recently I’ve been hearing only K-pop and few old music. Something must have gotten inside me suddenly because who listen to jazz/vintage music these days!? I already knew I have an old soul stuck in a young body but now I’m making it too obvious. So yeah, here is my current playlist. Note: Click on … More Current Playlist~

Random thoughts

I chase butterflies 🦋

From what I’ve heard, every person symbolizes butterfly in a contrasting way. For some it represents freedom, a remembrance of youth, few say it’s a symbol of feminime or fragility and for the rest, it’s just an eye candy creature.If you ask me, I’ll say it personifies the temporary moment of love and happiness that … More I chase butterflies 🦋

Reblog: Measures of success. Poetic story.

In a small town not far away from you, lives a girl. A girl at that stage of life where mother constantly asks about her ‘handsome well-mannered’ boyfriend… Measures of success. Poetic story. Loved it!! ❤️🌼


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