Welcome everyone!!! This is me Pavithra, owner of the blog-Small Talks. Through this small corner of my virtual world, you can read about my thoughts, interest, passion and many more relatable contents. This blog was created mainly to voice out and share my feelings through words so if you are interested and still here, I’m glad to welcome you in.

Random thoughts

Should I call you online bestie or a known stranger?

I think we all should normalize instantly starting a friendship with someone whom we’ve just met only through online or social media.Whether we like it or not, the perspective of the world became small, small enough to fit in our phone especially in this ongoing covid pandemic. All schools, colleges, office works, companies, and even … More Should I call you online bestie or a known stranger?

Quick updates

Hey everyone!! How are you all? Hope everyone are staying safe and healthy. I know I’m not active in WordPress or blogging these days like I used to do before. It’s been days since I wrote anything on my own but still I got enough time to real all your posts. It’s September 1 already … More Quick updates

Confessions of a not-so-perfect good girl

(The title of this post was inspired by my favorite blogger, Mira who recently published an interesting post – Confessions of a professional people- pleaser.) I’ve always heard people branding me as this perfect student, perfect daughter, perfect friend or whatsoever. I’m excellence in studies, so responsible in getting my job done. I strictly follow the rules … More Confessions of a not-so-perfect good girl

July Awards and Tags – 2021

Hey everyone, it’s August already!! As this new month begins, I wish you all have a life filled with good health, peace and joy. I would like to thank each and everyone for taking your time to read my blog and nominate it for so many awards. I’m really grateful!! Sunshine and Rainbows Blog Tag … More July Awards and Tags – 2021

Reblog : To the ones who wish upon the Stars

To you, with love. To the ones who wish upon the Stars Beautifully penned!! I’ve always been an admirer of moon, stars and galaxy thus this post felt like a big warm hug. Do give it a read, I’m sure you’ll like it.


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