Disney channel movies and series that needs to be treasured

I mean who hates watching movies? Especially during this quarantine, we all have been watching lot of series and movies! No matter what age we are in, disney never fails to attract everyone. I have watched quite few movies in disney channel and thought of sharing it today. Nowadays disney shows have no good plotContinue reading “Disney channel movies and series that needs to be treasured”

The pleasure of reading

I’m  not  here to say everyone should read good books,novels and improve your knowledge.Instead I’m here to say what it is like to be reading.Don’t say you don’t like reading at all.I’m not talking about the books prescribed in our education system.Of course I know it’s nothing but a stress.I’m talking about the books which help youContinue reading “The pleasure of reading”

Anime is NOT cartoon

                      It’s Not Cartoon, It’s Anime! Some people misunderstand anything animated as cartoon.They aren’t the same!Let me make it clear from the beginning.what actually is an anime? Animes initially originated from japan whereas cartoons came from Western side. As i googled the word anime i foundContinue reading “Anime is NOT cartoon”

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