Reblog : To the ones who wish upon the Stars

To you, with love. To the ones who wish upon the Stars Beautifully penned!! I’ve always been an admirer of moon, stars and galaxy thus this post felt like a big warm hug. Do give it a read, I’m sure you’ll like it.

Things Kung Fu Panda taught us

Hey everyone!! Today I’m gonna talk about a movie series that gifted me with so much guidence and motivation. It’s none other than – The Kung Fu Panda!! There are total 3 movies and each sequence delivers a astounding life lesson with excellent graphics. Every dialouges are hilarious, fun, encouraging and definitely worth noting it … More Things Kung Fu Panda taught us

One year Blogging Anniversary!!

I still can’t believe that it’s been one year since I started writing in my blog. 🌻 Thank you everyone for your continuous support throughout the whole year. I’m extremely happy and overwhelmed 🤧❤️ 🌈WordPress is not just a blogging app to me anymone. It has become my comfort place where I can honestly speak … More One year Blogging Anniversary!!

Top 10 Netflix Series |My favorites

“you need to stop” I whispered to myself, as I clicked ‘next episode’ Hey everyone!! Everyone loves to binge-watch a good series but sometimes we lack suggestions and find it difficult to decide what to see next. Here are some of best shows and dramas that are currently available in Netflix, which I found it … More Top 10 Netflix Series |My favorites

June month Awards-2021

Hey everyone!! I feel like june ended in a blink of a second. The only important thing that happened in this month was that I finally completed my undergraduate degree. Besides that, I got nominated for so many awards and tags in WordPress. I can’t express how overwhelmingly happy I am because of your love … More June month Awards-2021

Filters of sea

Tranquil seadrenched under blue sky far away, dawn rayengulfed in yellowish red,the color of burning sun. I stepped forwardalas, it turned colorless. Tried to capture the beauty of the sea during dawn in words. We all know that water is colorless but it’s kinda magic how a mere reflection of light can give life and color … More Filters of sea


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