This is me Pavithra, owner of the blog-Small Talks. This blog was mainly created to voice out and share my feelings, thoughts and emotions through words so if you are interested and still here, I’m glad to welcome you in.

Definition of ‘Love’ by a messed up teen caught in her 20’s

I think I’m finally ready to talk about this topic- Love. I’d always avoided having this conversations whenever my friends or family brought it up. Have I loved anyone? When someone asks me about love they mean soulmates kinda love but I’d never been in any relationships. Yes, I’m 20, still single and never dated … More Definition of ‘Love’ by a messed up teen caught in her 20’s

Nevertheless 🦋 ||K-drama review

Nevertheless 🦋 ||K-drama review Plot:- Nevertheless is a story of blossoming romance between a man who is annoyed with relationships but likes to flirt and a woman who wants to date but does not believe in love. Note:- Nevertheless K-drama was adopted from a webtoon/ korean comic of the same name. The ending of the … More Nevertheless 🦋 ||K-drama review

Discussion between a two NRI’s – Small Talks × Poorvi’s Blog

Hey everyone!! I would like to introduce you to an talented writer who has a blog named ‘Poorvi’s blog‘. She writes amazing poems, book reviews and thought provoking musings. We both are Indians who went to abroad for staying and pursuing higher studies. Thus we decided to talk about how it feels to be an … More Discussion between a two NRI’s – Small Talks × Poorvi’s Blog

My love for Villian characters

Right from my adulthood, I always wondered why I like the villans more. I slowly started to understand that villans are misjudged because most of the time we don’t get to see them. The story is so focused on the lead characters that if fails to show us the other side. For if we knew … More My love for Villian characters

Reblogging: if I write a book

If I write a book, it would have a thick spine and leather bound body, with lots of knots and memories caught up in its strings. Its chapters would be long and slow with accompanying water colour illustrations that simply seem to exude vision and beauty as powerfully as possible. The brush strokes would be … More Reblogging: if I write a book

“Know your Buddy Tag” Ft. Poorwa

Hey everyone!! I’m so happy to be back again with an another wonderful tag. Today I’m having a special guest for it and it’s none other than Poorwa from Poorwa’s Blog. We both agreed to do this tag called – “Know your Buddy” created by two amazing bloggers. Thank you so much guys, for introducing … More “Know your Buddy Tag” Ft. Poorwa

My Recent Playlist

Hey everyone!! I’m back again after a hectic schedule. It’s been forever since I shared my playlist with you guys, right? I wasn’t myself for days. I don’t know why but recently I felt so uninterested in everything. The only thing that kept me energetic and happy was music. Thus, today I’m gonna share all … More My Recent Playlist

Random thoughts

Should I call you online bestie or a known stranger?

I think we all should normalize instantly starting friendship with someone whom we’ve just met only through online or social media.Whether we like it or not, the perspective of the world became small; small enough to fit in our phone especially in this ongoing covid pandemic. All schools, colleges, office works, companies, and even government … More Should I call you online bestie or a known stranger?


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