Catching up with awards and tags!!

Hiii my fellow readers and friends. I’m back after my ‘officially unannounced hiatus’ 😅 Despite being not active in blogging, I’ve received lot of nominations and love from my followers. I’m so grateful to you guys and thanks a lot to everyone!! Let’s get it… The zodiac music tag This is a original tag created … More Catching up with awards and tags!!

Like every moon child

As a kid, sitting in the car I foolishly thought you were following everywhere I go, everywhere I seeyou were there for me I grew up as a teen walking in the road at night felt like a innocent bliss those days when I cried seeing you through the window shimmering and making my eyes … More Like every moon child

Reblogging : Monster by nehal

The creature inside of her surged upward, threatening to come out. She tried to keep it at bay, tried to push it deep down for as long as she could, but only a part of her could resist it. The other part was screaming for it to burst through, and she thrashed, hopelessly dangling between … More Reblogging : Monster by nehal

Gif-y love tag

Hiii my fellow readers! I have been nominated for the Gif-y love tag by two great bloggers – Selina and Riya !! Selina is an amazing person who has a unique blog so go and check her out. Riya, even though she is so young, is wise beyond her age. I do enjoy reading all … More Gif-y love tag

Reminiscing my childhood days

I remember those daysfoolishly believing petar panand the far away neverlanddancing happily during the winterwaiting for the gifts from Santaplaying with friends in the playgroundand chasing all the butterfliesI ran, ran and ran real happiness camefrom those colorful candiesand not from others innocently admiring the aesthetic moonwhich followed me everywherewatching cartoons on televisionwithout the thoughts of … More Reminiscing my childhood days

Surround yourself with green 🌱

Hi my fellow readers!! Toady I’m going to talk about something green and fresh – Gardening!! When I was a kid I’ve heard my teachers saying “save and plant trees” many times in the class. Asking us to plant at least a single tree outside our house. Making awareness about the consequences on every earth … More Surround yourself with green 🌱


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