Current Playlist~

Recently I’ve been hearing only K-pop and few old music. Something must have gotten inside me suddenly because who listen to jazz/vintage music these days!? I already knew I have an old soul stuck in a young body but now I’m making it too obvious. So yeah, here is my current playlist. Note: Click on … More Current Playlist~

Random thoughts

I chase butterflies 🦋

From what I’ve heard, every person symbolizes butterfly in a contrasting way. For some it represents freedom, a remembrance of youth, few say it’s a symbol of feminime or fragility and for the rest, it’s just an eye candy creature.If you ask me, I’ll say it personifies the temporary moment of love and happiness that … More I chase butterflies 🦋

Reblog: Measures of success. Poetic story.

In a small town not far away from you, lives a girl. A girl at that stage of life where mother constantly asks about her ‘handsome well-mannered’ boyfriend… Measures of success. Poetic story. Loved it!! ❤️🌼

Bad and crazy |K-drama review

As soon as I saw Lee Dong-wook in the trailer, I knew this is gonna be lit!! For a newbie who is just getting started with K-dramas, actors like Song Joong-ki, Dong-wook and few others and genres like dark humor, political, triller/mystery are the reasons why I keep falling for it more. (So kdrama isn’t … More Bad and crazy |K-drama review

Greek mythology and it’s connection with “Blood, Sweat and Tears”

Who is ready to hear some jaw-dropping Greek mythology stories along with mesmerizing visuals, good message and music? Note: It took me months to do research, study and summarize my writings so it’s gonna be a bit lengthy. Take your own time to read it. I’ve given page jumps in case you want to read … More Greek mythology and it’s connection with “Blood, Sweat and Tears”


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