Hunt for relatable quotes

Does anyone spend hours searching and scrolling through pages just to get one quote that you can relate to the most? How does it feel when you find one? Wait, I’ll tell you. We feel enormously happy to know that somewhere, someone actually exists like you or even better, totally understands you. That’s what I think all the time. You are lying if you deny it.

Some people write to feel better while some read other’s writings seeking comfort, healing, and confidence to constantly remind themselves that they are not alone.

I have insane number of ‘relatable quotes’ saved on my Pinterest board. I find myself spending too much time scrolling through the pages to read every single quotes and extracts from a book.

Why do we do that? Why am I so obsessed with reading quotes? It’s because there are many people out there who are much better at putting my feelings into words than I am. I just read them and say “wow, Thanks for putting this in words”

There are many relatable memes or videos but I find them distracting. I want raw feelings, only the words without any pictures or videos in between. There are funny, hilarious and rarely toxic quotes too but I tend to look into deep quotes that express one’s true emotions.

When we find a good quote, the next thing we all do is immediately share those with our friends, update it as our status, change our profile pic or send it to someone we like. The reason is pretty simple. We desperately want them to understand us. I sometimes hesitate to share it with others. Mostly they judge me based on it, guess not everyone has the same perspective on one thing and I want to be understood, not judged. Even when they do, not everyone takes it seriously.

The words that comes out of someone’s deep emotions are like treasures. We hunt them.

Here are some of deep quotes that I found relatable and worth sharing.

Some hilarious ones to make your day!!

Does anyone have the habit of hunting relatable quotes? Tell me in the comments below. Feel free to share any such quotes that you found interesting or relatable to your current situation.

Thank you for reading!! Signing off for today ✨

60 thoughts on “Hunt for relatable quotes

  1. This was such a fun relatable post! Is it bad that I knew 6 out of 8 of those quotes you included…I think I spend way too much time on Pinterest 😅 😂 I love looking at and saving quotes but the time I spend looking through my Pinterest board for a specific one to use is unbelievable, I just have too many to look through lol.

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  2. Ha ha, I hear you Pavithra, I have another addiction. If I find a quote which is relatable and empowering, I can’t stop until I write something about it or even rant about it 😀 … Perhaps a way of keeping myself sane!

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  3. I can relate to this – I often copy down quotes that I like from books or try to memorise them because I love the way that they sound and they help me to explain something I have been struggling to find the words to explain. Wow, that Heartsickboy quote is very true. I think – ‘how are you?’ is such an empty question these days since people can’t really answer with how they actually feel. The person asking sometimes also doesn’t seem like they care when you say ‘no’ and explain what’s wrong so I wonder why they bother to ask it in the first place.

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    1. Oh that’s a great idea. How did I forget to mention this? Even I keep a small notebook to copy down my favorite quotes from movies and books. Sometimes I open them to read and experience the depth of the emotion that it carries.
      You are right again. Even I never understand why people keep bothering me with that question all the time.

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  4. Oh my! Relatable quotes are one of those things that give you more happiness than anything else 😆 These were really good!! Thanks for sharing!😊

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  5. Nothing feels better than finding relatable quotes. They are like all of my downloads file. 😄
    Both this post and the listed quotes are very relatable. Glad I found this.

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  6. I spend so much time on the weekend going through quote pages on IG or Thought Catalogue looking for relatable quotes, so I totally relate! I think there is this weird comfort in reading relatable quotes.

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  7. I text embarrassingly fast 😂
    Cause I am just always free 😂😂
    And omg the overthinking one hits hard! I recently broke up with my best friend. And that hits hard.
    And Pavithra, I was just hoping for you to see my latest post. I had written something for you 🖤✨

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    1. I’m glad you could relate to so many quotes that I mentioned. Ha ha we are on the same boat 😂🤝
      Yup, I already saw!! I also left a comment on my post that you’ve linked. ☺️

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  8. Yeeees this is so relatable! It feels so amazing to stumble upon a quote that puts into words emotions and feelings you’ve experienced but couldn’t give a name 😍💛 it’s validating and exciting!
    Great post Pavithra!

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  9. I totally agree! Quotes saved my life! They’ve saved my sanity and helped me heal from a lifetime of abuse and hurt. They helped me to become strong!

    That’s why I included so many quotes in my books. I’d take time, sometimes a lot of time to find and match quotes to what I wrote, supporting and amplifying a thought.

    My blog has been about taking quotes and memes and writing my thoughts about them to support and encourage others. Every so often I save a batch of them to Pinterest.

    Yes, quotes have incredible power! I love them!

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    1. Thank you!! I’m so happy to hear that. Quotes are indeed a great inspiration during our hardest days. It motivates us when no one is around.
      Wow that’s really awesome and you are absolutely true.
      Thanks once again for your valuable comment.

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  10. You’re right! I spend a lot of my time reading reality quotes on Pinterest! I have two boards related to that and I don’t why but I have kept them secret…
    Maybe I don’t want others to know I’m that sad ☹️ or maybe just to keep it private!
    But yes, reading quotes just make me feel I’m not the only one going through struggles! They’re just some quotes that make me feel that I wrote them since they’re so relatable!
    Great post, Pavithra, it was an amazing idea to do a post related quotes! ✨💝

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    1. Thank you so much!! Oh, I can understand you. Even I like to keep them in private for the same reason. Glad you feel the same. ❤️
      It means a lot to me saumya, thanks once again 🙂

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