About Me

Who am I? Well, that’s one of the most common question which I always find it hard to answer. There is so much to talk about me but I’ll go with the basics..

I’m Pavithra, currently doing my post graduate degree in a prestigious college in India. Yes, I’m an Indian but I also did most of my schoolings In UAE countries like Saudi and Oman. Talking about my interest, I’m totally obsessed with western music and K-pop. I love to read books, play with pets, binge watch my favorite series and could spend all day starring at those walls doing nothing.

People always approach me thinking I’m mean and arrogant just because I don’t talk too but in real I’m little shy, clumsy and weird. It takes a very long period of time for me to get comfortable with others. Odd combination of innocent and bitch suits my personality I guess. My special talent includes overthinking shit and regretting. I’m a great listener, at least that’s what my friends say, so if you want to rant about your problems or weigh down your depression by talking it but got no one, you can share it with me via mail. I’m expert in comforting and giving advices. Uhh, Yup that’s all you need to know about me.