Blogging reason

Writing- a best way to talk without interrupted

I’m interested in so many things- music, series, books, drawings, art, nature, poems and also hella obsessed with K-pop and Webcomics. I felt like I need a small platform for me to scribble my thoughts on it. I will not say I don’t speak a lot because I’m quite and shy. It’s just that I never got an opportunity to have deep conversation with anyone in person. Truth is I love to talk! But I wanted someone who listens and not hear what I say. I like people with depth who speak with emotion, a twisted mind. I wanna talk about meaning of life, the beauty of nature, your deepest desire, your unhealed scars, your type of music, childhood, love, fallen angels, myths, galaxies, stars and so much beyond. I usually scribble everything in waste papers or in my diary. But putting that scribblings online let’s others also to see. It might give them a hope that they are not alone who feels or go through the same. Reaching out to people and readers is something really beautiful. That’s when I thought of blogging. I also took this opportunity to express myself without fear, improve my writing skills and turn the blog into a comfort place for me to stop by.

I hope my blog gives you a good feeling filled with positivity and sometimes sadness because in the end, life has to be balanced.


16 thoughts on “Blogging reason

  1. I’ve been running a travel blog (on a different pen name) for quite some years but I have this longing of connecting to someone. Reading your blogging reason made me realize what I truly wanted, share my thoughts and have a place of comfort in the blogging world. And now I’m on the start of my second blog and hopefully connect to like-minded people talking about K-dramas, art, thoughts, life. Nice to know you and your blog! Following!

    – Eonni 😉

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  2. We’re so relatable! I find your blog very motivating! Your blog never makes anyone feel alone!! You always describe what’s going on you mind and it IS relatable. It helps us understand that we are NOT alone. You have a awesome blog just as awesome you are!!!😀⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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  3. Very relatable, Pavithra!
    This is an excellent thing that you have been doing.
    This, for sure, must have inspired people to do the same and will definitely continue to do so.
    Good luck!

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