Reblog: Doppelganger – gurl who writes

She’s here somewhere, craving over those popular candy whenever the ad popped in tv, who likes to play with those abandoned teddy bears lying around my room. She still draw the setting sun between the mountains with three crows here and there in the orange sky.      Mostly she seems hiding behind me but comes out […]


Hi guys! I couldn’t resist myself from reblogging this masterpiece!! Words can’t describe how much I love and appreciate her blog. I admire all of her writings and this post is my absolute favorite.

Do check her blog out and I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed!! 💜💜

Have a beautiful day ahead! ✨


7 thoughts on “Reblog: Doppelganger – gurl who writes

    1. Thanks a lot riya, for your lovely compliments once again 😊❤️
      I always get delighted if someone praises my interest in music and you never fail to bring a smile on my face 🙂
      #Proud Army 💜🎶

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