My apathetic self

Monsters with friendly faces
angles with scar
tell me, who am I to figure you
when we see each other as bizzare

leave him, he is a monster
don’t talk, she is bad
tell me, who am I to judge you
behind the mask, we all are just sad

vengeance behind those pretty face
laughed and lied behind my back
tell me, who am I to forgive you
in this colorful world, all I see is white and black

tell me one plus two is eight
I’ll laugh and say you’re right 
cause I know changing you is like
asking the sun to come at night.

Apathetic – having or showing little or no emotion; not interested or concerned

I’ve used simple words to pour down my thoughts on the part of my self which doesn’t really care to judge, gossip or criticize others.

Have a great day ahead!! Thanks for reading! ✨

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