The pleasure of reading

I’m  not  here to say everyone should read good books,novels and improve your knowledge.Instead I’m here to say what it is like to be reading.Don’t say you don’t like reading at all.I’m not talking about the books prescribed in our education system.Of course I know it’s nothing but a stress.I’m talking about the books which help you find peace and happiness.

There are people who likes to read others experience and personal stories to get comfort and inspiration that they are not alone.Some likes to read on spiritual level and follow the path of god.Some likes crime and thriller while some likes to read romance.It’s your choice anyway..If you read a book and didn’t find it interesting it simply means you haven’t found the right book yet.About half of the books i read falls into fantasy and supernatural category.It allows me to believe in everything and to dream of anything.We all read something or the other everyday whether it may be a tweet,facebook post,posters on the wall or the procedure in the packet of instant noodles.Many of us spend hours searching quotes which either motivates or to which we relate to the most.But read what makes you exiting ,read something which brings you smile,which makes you think and questions your life.There is nothing wrong even if you like reading comics.It actually stimulate your visual sense more intensely than just printed text alone can do. Beside from these try reading some good novels.When we read novels they take us to the world from where they originated.It also increases your vocabulary.

An extract from the hunger games


Once I start reading a book I get so captivated I never want to leave it until I finish. It always gives a lot of pleasure and I cherish it for a lifetime.Those 30 mins of reading during my free time literally does wonders for me.

Whenever you feel angry, confused, nervous, and negative and stress, just open and read any practical books, such as poetry, essays, motivational, investment, business books. You will find and get relief and become positive and energetic.

Reading a good book is the most enjoyable experience one can have.

Happy reading !


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