Anime is NOT cartoon

                      It’s Not Cartoon, It’s Anime!

Some people misunderstand anything animated as cartoon.They aren’t the same!Let me make it clear from the beginning.what actually is an anime? Animes initially originated from japan whereas cartoons came from Western side. As i googled the word anime i found definitions such as “a japanese style of motion picture animation” or as “style of animation developed in japan”. 

As i digged into more i found out japan is covered with it’s images and they use anime in everyday life.Anime isn’t seen as a childish thing over there.It is part of their culture.It is even used in japanese education books,marketing strategies,magazines,movies and books.

Later i even found out what makes it different from the rest of the animation movies or series.To be honest animes have better story lines, mixed emotions like suspense,relief,happiness,sadness,worry,
compassion and doesn’t always have to be a happy ending while on the other side cartoons are considered as laughing production and it’s mainly focused on entertaining the kids.

Yes, the famous shows like doraemon and pokemon are none other than animes which were mainly created for kids.There are many more animes for teens and adults too.You can take death note as an example.It’s a psychological thriller which is about tracking a serial killer with  shinigami (a god of death). Similarly there are much more dark themed and violence subjected animes which isn’t neither suitable nor understandable for kids to watch.

 Here in the picture below anyone can instantly find out which is anime and which is cartoon…
Your name (Anime movie)
Teen titans go (Cartoon)
As you can see, anime characters are more realistic to humans,has distinct facial expressions.
The episodes of cartoons are usually repeated on television i.e. there is no serial number to an episode of a cartoon,.Anime are usually aired in a series manner like any other normal TV series.That is, each and every episode of anime series is different developing them into continuous stories. This is a very distinct feature of an anime that makes it very different from typical cartoons.

Facial expressions for anime characters are often different form western animation.Anime characters show more detailed emotions than cartoon.For example,embarrasses or stressed characters produce a massive swear-drop.Characters that are shocked or surprised perform a face fault.Angry characters show a “vein” or “stress mark” effect where lines appear on their forehead.

   Emotions in cartoon
Emotions in Anime

Most of the Anime scenes are 3 dimensional when compared to cartoons, which are mostly 2 dimensional, also Anime heavily focuses on the background and atmosphere to make the story more compelling.The scenery and the background of anime makes it more beautiful that sometimes viewers wish to jump and live into it. Other factors like soundtracks, animation quality, dialogues and voice actings are much better in anime.

Anime series- Noragami ( The stray god)
A background scene from Chota bheem

Anime is heavily inspired from Manga, Manga is a Japanese version of comic books, as it is made up of illustrations, graphics, and dialogues.Anime is a hand drawn animation whereas cartoons are computer generated and thus computer animation skills are required more.

Manga comic development
Manga comic VS Anime

So basically video games are animation too but would you call video games like GTA v cartoon? No right?
So what I want to say is that both anime and cartoons are subsets of the set animation.There are some anime which can be called cartoons since they are exaggerated and make you laugh like Shinchan or Doraemon.
So it’s wrong to say that anime is japanese cartoon rather its correct to say that anime is a form of media which are generally extracted from a manga or light novels and are animated.                                                                                                       


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