Disney channel movies and series that needs to be treasured

I mean who hates watching movies? Especially during this quarantine, we all have been watching lot of series and movies! No matter what age we are in, disney never fails to attract everyone. I have watched quite few movies in disney channel and thought of sharing it today. Nowadays disney shows have no good plot ,settings or characters compared to those olden days. Believe me, these movies and series will never disappoint you. Don’t worry… I won’t give any spoilers! 😁

1.Camp rock(2008)

The plot is about a teenage girl who want to spend her summer in a rock camp but the only way she can get in is by working in the kitchen.She lacks self confidence,gets dominated by her friends and thus keeps her talent within herself.When a famous pop star, who visits the camp as a judge,overhears her singing,he immediately falls in love with her voice.Without knowing her identity ,he sets out to find her.

It was fun and entertaining to watch with cute romance and I loved listening to all the songs. One important thing you should learn while watching disney movies is that they starts singing randomly and you should never, ever skip it!( it has good songs ) In the end, it gives a powerful message not to hesitate to stand up in the spotlight when you get a chance!

2. Hannah Montana (2006)

The show is about a girl,Miley cyrus, who seems like a normal girl but lives a double life as famous pop star known as hannah montana.She keeps it as a secret throughout all the seasons ,only her family and two best friends knows.The concept of each and every episode is really funny and interesting to watch.

The casts are great comedians and also excellent singers.Nostalgic feels hit me whenever I hear the name hannah montana! I loved watching it back then.Even though the fun,friendship and humor went down as the seasons increased,I can say it was the best show I’ve watched till now.Its a show for all the ages and deserves to be on your wishlist.

3. Jonas (2009)

The series is about the jonas brothers (the first series to act together) who live as pop stars(as in real life)and deals with ordinary teenagehood problems.The show revolves around how the three brothers help and mock each others,solves the problem together and how they deal with their crazy fans and girls at the same time!

It doesn’t have too many plots but it was a great platform for them to introduce some of their good songs.I personally enjoyed watching it .It was amazing,funny and splendid show indeed.I was little sad when this show ended, since it had only few episodes .Thus I re-watched it so many times.I’m only praising it for season 1 since the next season was a bit cheesy.

4. Lemonade mouth (2011)

The plot starts off with showing the different personality and situation of every character and how they all end up in detention room. They talk and get to know each other and immediately end up in forming their own band. They starts working together. Instead of quitting down during difficulties, they drink some lemonade with their friends and starts working harder.

It’s definitely a worth watching movie. I personally recommend this movie to anyone who believes in music, teamwork and determination. I especially loved everyone’s characters and the way they took the story till the end.

5. Wizards of Waverly place

This series is about the family named russo who lives in new york city. It mainly centers around Alex russo(Selena gomez) along with her two brothers who tries to lead a normal live as teenagers along with keeping a biggest secret from the society as they’re wizards in training.Only one child from each wizard family is allowed to keep his or her powers.When they all turn 18, they will have a family competition between them to decide who gets to keep the powers.

I loved the charming character of Alex since I’m a biggest fan of Selena Gomez! All the episodes were fun to watch and every characters has a lot of good humor.

6. Descendants

Descendant is an fascinating movie. Ben, the song of king Adam and Queen belle ( from movie beauty and the beast) offers a chance of saving the offspring of disney’s classic villians from the isle of the Lost where they were banished. He brings them to the united states of Auradon where all the prince and princess lives happily with their people without any trouble. He unintentionally falls in love with Mal, daughter of Maleficent, the mistress of evil and the most powerful villain of all time.Now you can imagine how the story goes..!

We always had ‘happily ever after’ in every disney movies but have you ever thought what happened to all the villains or heard the story from their point of view ? Disney has always showed only the bright and beautiful side of life but this movie was totally different. It beautifully conveys the meaning that every villain is not that bad as we think and every heros are not that good too.

Yes that’s all! Have you watched any disney movies recently? Do tell me your recommendations in the comment box 😊


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