Tanka poem – Nature

Heavy wind blew
trembling the soft dainty petals
while dancing to its tune 
stood a cherry blossom
young and free

Tanka is a traditional Japanese poem which often convey deep feelings about nature. Modern Tanka poems in English does not follow the normal 5-7-5-7-7  rule and it can be of free verse but should be in 5 lines, giving out a complete meaning.

This was my entry for the writing contest conducted by Soni @Soni’s thoughts. If you wanna participate, hurry up since the last date of submission is 31st May.

I also want to mention how happy I was to get a 2nd prize in the photography competition conducted by Poorwa @Poorwa’s blog!!!

Did you like this poem? What is your most favorite flower blossoming tree? Tell me in the comments below.

Signing off for today ✨


54 thoughts on “Tanka poem – Nature

  1. This is probably the second Tanka-poem I have read and once again, I am intrigued how just 5 lines can convey so much. Really good work! ❀️
    Also, congratulations on winning 2nd prize in the photography competition! Any person who sees your entry for the competition would agree that you deserve it.

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  2. Beautiful poetry! It is really amazing that you are so deeply immersed in your thoughts and imagination that you can write about it in such an amazing way ❀️
    Pavithra, I wish you all the best…
    Rosie from Germany

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  3. Beautiful! Truly beautiful.Ur 4 words described nature in such a good way that it melted my heart.❀️😊and Tanka hmm? Maybe I’ll try too.. thanks for the idea.

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  4. Wow! A Tanka poem is so powerful. Concise yet elegant. Beautiful poetry, Pavithra! I was able to picture nature in its truest and most beautiful form! Really amazing and great use of words! Also, congratulations on the achievement!

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  5. What a beautiful poem! I love the image of trees and flowers dancing in the breeze, when the wind blows past them sometimes it can really look like they’re dancing. My favourite flower blossoming tree is probably Crapemyrtle

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