Small moments that makes you feel alive – Be grateful

Some reasons why your life is worth living :-

  1. To eat ice cream in the rain
  2. To watch sunrise or sunset
  3. To hear the pleasing sound of birds chirping
  4. To watch flowers bloom
  5. To admire the shinning stars at night
  6. To welcome first day of spring
  7. To play with the snow
  8. To walk in the street at midnight
  9. To feel the beach sands beneath your feet
  10. To see your loved ones laugh 
  11. To make yourself proud
  12. To make your parents happy
  13. To make new friends
  14. To adopt your own pet
  15. To listen to music aloud in the speakers again
  16. To laugh until you cry
  17. To conquer your fears
  18. To share your knowledge and talent with the world because they are so valuable
  19. To experience those kind of dreams that can’t stop you from smiling 
  20. To see your favorite artist going live 
  21. To hear your favorite band’s new album
  22. To still believe in Santa
  23. To experience or learn new culture
  24. To eat your favorite chocolate
  25. To have breakfast for dinner 
  26. To do those silly things with your bestie
  27. To read your favorite book
  28. To have crazy siblings fight
  29. To cuddle in your comfy bed
  30. To watch someone laugh because of you
  31. To hear that you changed someone’s life for good
  32. To receive gifts from your loved ones
  33. To find someone who loves you like you deserve
  34. To complete your milestone (going to college, getting graduated, getting married or achieving your dream job)
  35. To meet someone as crazy as you
  36. To go on a vacation on your own
  37. panting and doodling in papers
  38. holding hands
  39. reading your favorite book
  40. putting your favorite cloths on
  41. turning off alarms on saturday night
  42. helping someone in their hard times
  43. celebrating small victories 
  44. laughing at lame jokes or memes
  45. enjoying study-free time after end of each semester/ board exams
  46. When someone remembers the things you say
  47. When you get a call from your long lost friend
  48. When someone cries for or with you
  49. When you get compliments from your crush
  50. When school or colleges gives leave on rainy days and you just saw the news in early morning
  51. When you look at your crush and he/she is already staring at you.
  52. When game period is not borrowed by our math teacher
  53. When your relatives truly appreciate you for the first time instead of comparing with others
  54. When everyone agrees with you in public
  55. When someone gives you their full attention
  56. When your parents agree to what you say or want
  57. When someone says “I’ve got you”
  58. When a stranger says you look great today
  59. When you keep your car windows down on windy days
  60. When a bird comes and eat from your hand
  61. When you can clearly see the full rainbow
  62. When you have your favorite hot choco coffee.
  63. When you binge watch your favorite series after ages
  64. Parties 
  65. Festivals
  66. Shopping
  67. Bonfires
  68. Fireworks
  69. Road trips
  70. Journaling
  71. Birthdays
  72. World travel  
  73. Summer nights  
  74. eating desserts 
  75. perfect hair day
  76. handwritten letters   
  77. random compliments
  78. taking extra long shower
  79. dancing alone in your room
  80. playing hide and seek with kids

It took so much time for me to think and collect all the small things that makes me happy. Hope it somehow made your day a little better.
So why are you still searching for that one unknown reason to be happy!? You’ve got everything and you are blessed. There are so many wonderful reasons to live so live, live and live. This life has so much beautiful things to offer when you look beyond your depressed mind and start thinking on the brighter side of your life. Yes life can be hard, you may have heartbreaks, depression, anxiety and whatsoever but remember winter doesn’t always last forever, clouds don’t always rain and so does the sad and dark moments.
This too shall pass. Life goes on.

Tell me about your small silly things that makes you more happy. It can be anything ridiculous or even stupid. Getting mehandi or tattoos on hand is enough to drive me crazy 😁

Thank you for reading!! : ) Stay safe and be delighted!

32 thoughts on “Small moments that makes you feel alive – Be grateful

  1. This is too sweet! I smiled big when I ready your more personal happy moments. For me its eating my favourite takeaway, laughing so hard I cry, holding a baby or puppy, walking into a space that inspires me, reading blog/social comments that affirm what I’m doing, sunsets, iced coffee and more <33

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  2. Love these!!! Haha I always eat ice cream in the rain! This is such a cool post, thanks for sharing! I just found your blog and I love it!! I’d love for you to check out mine! 😀

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  3. Lovely post! These are some good reasons you’ve listed here 😍

    For me, it’s the following things that make me happy:
    1. Music of all genres (except country music)
    2. Doodling
    3. Sleeping
    4. Chocolate, pizza, and ice cream
    5. Playing with my dog

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