Better in black

What does the black mean to you?

Mostly everyone loves black. I can bet that the person who is reading this also loves black besides their favorite color. But what does that color mean to you?

Some say they like to wear black dresses because it suits them, makes them look cool or it matches with anything. But its a color which gives pleasure to me. I feel so confident when I wear black.

People term black as the ultimate color of depression. To me it’s such a comforting color. It reminds me of the night sky that I admire, the night which feels so relaxed and chill. I’m not the type of person who is afraid of darkness. It is that same dark night that comforts and puts my worries to sleep.

Colorful photos might get our eyes attention of its background but it is those black and white photos that captures the soul. Have you ever tried taking photos with black and white photography instead of applying it later to hide some flaws? Or are you like most of the people who go like ” If I turn this in black and white maybe I’ll look good ”.

Try taking black and white photos, you’ll get to experience how it feels. You take that photo from your soul and focus only a particular object or person to capture. And when you look back it, you feel enormous amount of happiness. You feel like you have captured out what was exactly there in your heart or what resided in your mind clearly. You can see each details so clearly. It speaks more to you than any other images. It sparkles more than any coloured glitter photos.
Nothing can describe the beauty of black more than this example and I stand by that.

To answer the question I’ve asked, to me black color symbolize one’s true self. Just like the color, it shows the darker self of the person. And if you look at them in the same way of taking black and white photography instead of trying to ‘change them’ by applying the filter afterwards, you can find beauty in them too.

Many people have asked me “why do you love black so much? ” Maybe these are my reasons and now I’m curious about it. I’ve heard many scientific, superstition and religious definition about black. But I don’t want them! I want to know what image comes to your mind when you see black color. so I’m gonna ask you the same question.
What does black mean to you!?

39 thoughts on “Better in black

    1. Exactly what even I don’t understand!! You can’t judge someone because of their interest in colors. Like you’ve said, who told pink is not meant for guys and black is depressing. Maybe it is depressing to you but not to them. Maybe they like to wear pink shirts and you don’t. Many people just don’t understand this simple concept.
      Thank you so much for sharing your opinion and appreciating my post : )

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    2. Same here! I hate when they do that. Once my friend and I were playing snakes and ladders and I was forced to take red bcoz it’s a girl colour but I wanted to take yellow or green. πŸ˜–πŸ˜‘ I felt really angry.

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  1. Black and white photography is absolutely beautiful! Without colors to distract from the focal point, the photographer puts an emphasis on what the subject is all about in its most basic form.
    I love how sleek the color black is, in fashion and in interior design. I also love the stark contrast of black ink on white paper! I use pens and black markers for many of my doodles, which I just adore. πŸ™‚

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  2. I’ve never thought of black as an expression of our true selves, but it’s definitely an interesting take on it. I mostly take a picture and make it black and white or use a BnW filter because I think colorless pictures just look better. To me, black is associated with white, so I guess it means balance.

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  3. Awesome!!
    Yes, as A very common prejudice says black symbolises depression. Oh god! I mean there so many prejudices about race gender cast and so much more! Now a colour? Our society dint even leave a colour! Personally I find all colours beautiful each has its own meaning! Lovely post!!

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  4. This is interesting! I always associated black with depression and sadness. I’ve even felt ashamed of liking or wearing the color black. I used to work with someone who didn’t like that I wore black or darker colors so much — she thought I should wear more colorful clothes πŸ™‚
    After reading your post it makes me rethink black and how powerful the color can be in pictures and other things.

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    1. Thank you so much!! I’m glad that it made you view in a different perspective. We shouldn’t always think too much about anything. Each person has different opinion and unique interpretation. πŸ™‚

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  5. Beautifully written, dear!
    In my opinion, black is the colour which contains all shades, hues and variations and hence, all elements! It is one of the most contented and satiated shades of life! Really loved your post! Keep writing…. Awaiting your next post 😊

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