Why Harry Potter is so special ?

I’d always wanted to write down how Harry Potter made made my childhood special. When I was a kid, I found the stories and characters so magical. I still remember the days when it used to air on TV so many times but at that time I ‘just watched them’. As I grew old, I understood the plot and the stories became so clear. After that I was totally obsessed with it. It doesn’t mean that I didn’t read other books or enjoy other movies but the world of Harry Potter was something special to me.

My HP box collection and stone painting

The series and world that JK Rowling created truly is magical and easy to get lost in. It has vibrant and interesting characters. The stories have a depth that frankly we don’t see enough of. I have watched the movie so many times both in English and in my native language Tamil and yet I find something new and interesting hidden details every time. My favorite series was ‘The chamber of secrets’ and ‘The Deadly Hallows’!! uses

I used to scribble everything related to harry potter on any piece of paper, school books, craft papers, hands and what not. I even made a separate notebook for HP drawings.

And this drawing is my favorite. That’s because I loved the way hermione narrated the story of ‘The Tale Of Three Brothers’. The moral of the story was simply amazing- to be humble in your desires. The only brother whose wish was truly fulfilled by Death is the brother who wished to be shielded from Death. He does not use his wish to have everlasting life either, when he reached old age, he took off his invisibility cloak and “greeted Death as an old friend.” He lived an honest, happy life, and died a peaceful death. His brothers, who wished to cheat Death (and life) were murdered and committed suicide respectively. Their fates show that grand, unnatural desires will only result in unpleasant lives and unnatural deaths. Happiness comes from simple, honest living.

I even took a lot of pintouts from the internet and purchased anything related to harry potter.

Here comes my clay modeling ( I made it a long time ago)

Me and my sister even did a mug painting 🙂

I admired how all the characters developed. The boy who lived under the cupboard, all alone , shunned by his relative turned out to be the greatest fighter and bravest hero. The nerdiest girl who was mocked out as mudblood was the most intelligent and loveable friend of them. I really loved how all the so called ‘dark characters’ in the beginning turned out to be the hero at the end. Yes, I’m talking about the great ‘Sirius Nnape’ and also characters like Draco Malfoy.

It has so many inspiring quotes that I don’t have to consult the books when someone asks for some of my favorite HP quotes. I knew them by heart.

 “It is our choices Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities”

-Albus Dumbledore

It had taught me more about friendship, love and life in general.

Now I’m over it. I haven’t watched or read it for so many years. Think I lost my childhood, LOL! But still if someone ask me whether I like happy potter “After all this time?”- my answer would be yes, “Always!”

44 thoughts on “Why Harry Potter is so special ?

  1. “that frankly”
    I don’t know if you purposely added that Frank Longbottom pun, but I LOVE that. 😍
    I love Harry Potter, too! It’s just… I can’t describe it. 😂 It’s so beautiful!

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  2. the world of Harry Potter was very special to me… my father brought me to the world of magic during my childhood… his way of story telling was amazing.. when I see those movies, It was an awesome experience, because my father’s narration Was exactly like the movies.. His reading habit influenced me very well…. anyway it’s a great piece of work from you… thank you for bringing me to Harry Potter memories again.. all the best 👍👍🥰🥰

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  3. I think I will never come out of that magical world Rowling created. I learnt so much from Harry Potter series. I always waited for my Hogwarts letter.

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  4. Ah, I love Harry Potter just as much 😍. It taught me so many things!!!! I made quiet a fee bookmarks and stuff too. I devour any Harry Potter related thing on Google!!! I even learnt all the dialogues from the movies😂
    I loved your drawings!!! Way too good and mugs too. You passion and love for this series is just fab.
    The last para of ur post was heartbreaking 💓

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  5. Yaayy to Harry Potter!! God its 100% the best ever. And I had to nod my head vigorously in agreement as I read your post! 💖💖😁

    It definitely made our childhoods.


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  6. I love your post to they are so cool i love books arts and crafts and really like harry potter and you talk about that witch i love hope you get to 100 followers i only have 8 or 7 but i am getting their🤣💖

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    1. Thats so sweet of you! Thanks a lot 😊! I have seen your blog too! It was really good.Number of followers doesn’t define who we truly are, so blog about what you love and there lies your true happiness! Happy blogging 😊✨

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  7. I love Harry Potter – even now!
    Those are some really good drawings – good job! I think it’s great you’ve been so passionate about Harry Potter – now you’ve got lots of memories to look back on. ☺️

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