My apathetic self

Monsters with friendly facesangles with scartell me, who am I to figure youwhen we see each other as bizzare leave him, he is a monsterdon’t talk, she is badtell me, who am I to judge youbehind the mask, we all are just sad vengeance behind those pretty facelaughed and lied behind my backtell me, who … More My apathetic self

Liebster Award

Hiii readers! I was lucky enough to be nominated for Liebster award by Phoenix @lifeslittlerainbows. Thanks a lot for nominating me!! Guys, do check her blog out, she is an awesome and talented budding blogger and I’m sure you’ll like reading her posts! Rules:– Thank the blogger who nominated you Answer the 11 questions the … More Liebster Award

Collab Post + ‘Music in our heart’ + Something Special

Hiii everyone! I’m so happy to post my first ever collab with Poorwa @atlaswebdesigns. Yes, its her! We are pretty good blogger friends over here and had so many things in common especially with western and kpop songs. So recently we decided to do a collab post and came up with ‘music in our heart’. … More Collab Post + ‘Music in our heart’ + Something Special


Laying on my bedI hear my mindkilling me with thoughtsthat I can’t findthe voices I hear outsidedraining the breath out of meimagining a unknown placewhere I hope to be played a song with my headphones oneverything around me seemed far gonethe intro started when I closed my eyesthose keys and tempo were taking me highpain … More Melomaniac

The Memez tag

I loveee memes. I even laugh at the most lamest jokes. So I was so excited in doing this fun tag when Riddhi @ whisperingstories8 nominated me! Thanks Riddhi once again. Readers and book lovers, do visit her a blog to see awesome posts! Rules: Thank the person who nominated you. Add a meme for … More The Memez tag