22 things I’ve loved in 2022

Heyyy all!! Happy new year 2023!! It’s so good to be back again to WordPress, writing and communicating in my blog after like what… one whole year!? (sorry for ghosting you all) Looking back at this year and all I could think was “damn…this life is better than the death”. Sorry to put it in … More 22 things I’ve loved in 2022


Definition of ‘Love’ by a messed up teen caught in her 20’s

I think I’m finally ready to talk about this topic- Love. I’d always avoided having this conversations whenever my friends or family brought it up. Have I loved anyone? When someone asks me about love they mean soulmates kinda love but I’d never been in any relationships. Yes, I’m 20, still single and never dated … More Definition of ‘Love’ by a messed up teen caught in her 20’s

Gif-y love tag

Hiii my fellow readers! I have been nominated for the Gif-y love tag by two great bloggers – Selina and Riya !! Selina is an amazing person who has a unique blog so go and check her out. Riya, even though she is so young, is wise beyond her age. I do enjoy reading all … More Gif-y love tag

Better in black

What does the black mean to you? Mostly everyone loves black. I can bet that the person who is reading this also loves black besides their favorite color. But what does that color mean to you? Some say they like to wear black dresses because it suits them, makes them look cool or it matches with … More Better in black