My Best Summer|Crazy little thing called love || Movie review

I’m not a huge fan of romantic movies and if someone asks me for my favorites, I’ll just count with my fingers. But those counts will be worth watching and you won’t regret it. Today I’ll be talking about two such romantic movies that deserve to me in my favorites list namely ‘My Best Summer’ and ‘Crazy little Thing Called Love’

I chose these movies to review under a single post because of two reasons:

1. I watched them continuously (Plus, my friend suggested the other)

2. Second, I also found many similarities between their stories

My Best Summer

“My Best Summer” is a slice of life Chinese movie released on 2019. Despite having romance and drama in it, I’ll still put this movie under ‘slice of life’ genre because the plot was so damn realistic, beautiful and down to earth. There were no over exaggerations, unrealistic romantic moments in it and that’s why I love this movie even more.

This was my first Chinese movie (Mandarin) to watch after the famous drama “Put your head on my shoulder”.

What’s the plot?

\\Geng Geng was an ordinary girl before starting the best high school in the province. However, her life completely changes when she meets her new desk mate, Yu Huai. Together, their names make up word “geng geng yu huai”, meaning “unforgettable memories”.\\

Believe it or not, this movie is not just about mere high school romance. We all must had seen many movies where the shy, timid girl hopelessly fall in love with the most popular guy in her school and finally they get a ‘happily ever after’ ending. The story in this movie is also almost the same yet it stands out.

Movies like these make me believe in love again. All the scenes were honest and heart-warming to watch.

The portrayal of the main character was too relatable, at least for me. In your school life, the deskmate whom you chose can change your entire life. I had a friend like that too. He was the only guy who would come and talk to me about literally anything. He made me laugh, gave compliments and most importantly, made me feel comfortable. I never felt insecure or judged whenever I spoke to him. It’s been years and now we don’t speak anymore but when I think about those days, he is the reason who made me feel this crazy little thing called love.

This movie will make you reminisce your high school first love. First love is always like those passing clouds, you’ll never be able to experience them again. There is no happy or sad ending to it. It will forever stay in your heart, concealed with secrets.

Where to watch it for free?

YouTube!! The full movie in available with English sub in YouTube and it’s duration is 1h 50m. Click here to watch it.

What’s my rating?

4.5/5 stars ✨

Crazy little thing called love (First love)

“All of us have someone who is hidden in the bottom of the heart. When I think of him I feel like umm..always feel a little pain inside, but I still want to keep him. Even though, I don’t know where he is today, what is he doing. But he is the one who makes me know this Little Thing Called Love.”

With that narration, the movie begins. First Love, also known as “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” is a Thai coming of age film where character growth and blossoming romance is shown in the most realistic way. It was originally released in 2010. The saddest truth is, this generation producers don’t make these kinds of movies anymore!! As far as I’ve known, old movies are always meaningful. The plots have some moral or purpose to it. Talking about this movie in particular, it’s definitely the best out of it all.

Okay so, what’s the plot?

\\Nam is an unpopular, ordinary, unattractive 14-year-old girl secretly in love with the most popular boy in school named Shone. He’s hot, perfect, and generous, and that’s what makes girls go crazy about him. Nam does everything she can in hopes that Shone will look her way, but can she build up the courage to tell him how she feels?\\

This film is indeed “based on everyone’s true story“. It centers around friendship, first love and the innocence, awkwardness, bliss that comes along with it.

The portrayal of pure one side love, expectations, your friends support to get your crush’s attention, heart fluttering moments were well portrayed by the female lead. There were many hilarious scenes in between to let you have a good laugh while watching it.

I loved the way how the story took a turn to convey the message that love is not all about looks, wealth or beauty.

The way she tearfully confessed her feelings for him towards the end made me cry too. Because it’s something that everyone could relate and few regret for not doing it early too.

Where to watch it for free?

Dailymotion! The full movie in available with English sub in Dailymotion, in four parts, making the total duration 1h 58m. Click here to watch it.

My ratings?

A clean 5/5 stars ✨

What I loved more about these two movies is that, both the female leads take their first love as inspiration to grow into a better person. They don’t blame him for rejecting her proposal or leaving her without any explanation. Nam from ‘Crazy little Thing Called Love’ is shown as a uncool, ordinary girl who desperately tries her best in order to get her crush’s attention. Seeing him struggle to overcome his innermost fear inspires to overcome her own. Geng Geng from ‘My Best Summer’ is also shown as timid, uncool girl who makes it her life ambition to be good at something like him. He also helps her build courage and stand up for herself. It felt good to see their glow up. In the end, self love is the only success that matters and ‘True love’ isn’t all about looks and perfection. It can be ugly, awkward, happy or complex too because let’s face it, this is reality and we don’t live in a Disney world.


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  1. heyy Pavi, how have u been? long time. missed ur reviews and writings😇 it feels sooo nice reconnecting with old blogger friends. time flies by soo fast. will keep supporting ur writings dearie

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    1. Hiii anushka!! Happy to hear from you too. Aww thank you ❤️
      I know I’m not being active in WP like I used to do before. Will definitely try to catch up and post here often. 😊😇
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