Current Playlist~

Recently I’ve been hearing only K-pop and few old music. Something must have gotten inside me suddenly because who listen to jazz/vintage music these days!? I already knew I have an old soul stuck in a young body but now I’m making it too obvious. So yeah, here is my current playlist.

Note: Click on the title to listen to it directly on youtube


1. Child– mark

How can a man sing, rap and go deep- all at the same time? I’m telling you, he is insane for this. Everything about this music is so comforting and relatable. That chorus part is so damn catchy. (*aagh, love him so much)

Uh, I’m a child/ I can’t be the person you want

Have a good night
No need for a lullaby
It’s my question, many questions
Who am I in others’ eyes?
Who am I? Who I’ll be?
Different nights, same nightmare


2. Paint me naked– Ten (*fully in english)

A perfect song to sing along and get hyped up. It’s totally addictive. Ten took a ‘free end wild’ vibe to this song and I’m totally here for it. The music video and his costumes were so cool. (He can pull of any style, no doubt now!!)

“So tell me where you wanna take it

I’m your figure, you could paint me naked

Like a picture, I can see our love running wild

Baby, be my weekend”


3. Cosmos– B.I

The amount of serotonin this song gives me is insanely high. His voice!!! Impeccable. (*screams internally)

4. Maria– Hwa sa

I’m glad I found this song. I’ve been listening to it on repeat, like for the past 2 weeks. (*writing a whole damn separate post about it)

5. Really really – Winner

The black and white cinematic video was just *chef’s kiss*. The lyrics are wholesome, I mean, If someone propose me with this song, I would literally cry. And that pause before they say “Neol joahae”, oh please, take all my heart!!

6. Fever– Enhypen

I started hearing this song only for the part- [Chorus: Niki, Sunoo]
“My body is burning up because of you/ My heart thirsts because of you/ Like a fever, fever, fever, fever/ I want to embrace you/ I want to embrace you” and fell in love with the whole song. It’s that addictive.

7. Love scenario– IKon

This is my first time hearing from this group so don’t know much about them but damn..this song!! I think I heard this same song on VH1 music channel before because it sounded so familiar. Anyway, it’s a very good song to listen to.

8. She’s in the rain– The Rose

An another beautiful song. I love it when male singers sing from women’s point of perspective. That’s f-ing beautiful.

9. Love cut- Cnblue

The whistle sound, ‘la la la’ part, and Yong-hwa voice stood out the most in this song. Oh, that cowboy concept, lyrics and wait- everything is unique about this song. It’s about how a women fools and plays around with the feelings of a man and him ending the toxic relationship with her. The way they conveyed this in the music video was literally amazing.

Vintage Vibes:-

  1. Fly me to the moon– Sinatra (this never gets old)
  2. So this is love– Ilene Woods (totally in love with this song!!!)
  3. Leave the door open– Bruno mars (at last, a new one)
  4. Now you has jazz– Bing Crosby, Louis Armstrong (god bless Taehyung for introducing me to this happy music)
  5. City of stars-Duet ft. Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone (Most favorite!!)

6. I want my mullet back– Billy Ray (heard this first in ‘Hannah Montana’ sitcom.)

Please recommend me some good songs in the comment below, I’m running out of new ones to listen!!

Signing off for today!!


14 thoughts on “Current Playlist~

  1. Aagh… child, paint me naked, really really, fever, cosmos, love scenario… love ’em all. I was introduced to really really and love scenario by Vh1, you know Vh1 Playlist? I guess the channel itself was addicted to these songs😄
    Leave the door open is my all time fav (i love Skate too). I get your feeling for vintage music, you should definitely check out Dream by Baekhyun and Suzy.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 😍❤️
      I listen to Vh1 playlist too. (requesting and scamming their twiiter account until they play some kpop is my new hobby 😂)
      My favorite too!! I’ll make sure to check it out ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

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