Turn the volume up- III (February month 2022)

Hey everyone!!! If you are new here, this is a monthly series of my recommendation and review of my favorite songs. Check out my introduction post here.

Note: Click the name of the song to listen to it directly on YouTube.

K-pop recommendation:

illa illa– B.I

We all have that one song which gives you comfort and relate with you in so many ways, right? A song that puts all your worries to sleep and whispers that you are not alone in this world. Well, this song is for me.

‘Illa illa’ is the title track of BI’s first solo studio album ‘Waterfall’ which was released on June 1st 2021. It is a song about moving on from a painful past and looking forward to a happier future. I regret not knowing him sooner. All his solo songs are way too attractive plus he is so freaking handsome and diversely talented!! I mean seriously, this man is overflowing with talent as an incredible lyricist, a musician, an amazing composer, not to mention an excellent dancer, rapper and producer. His works says it all. (Check out his latest song ‘Cosmos’ here)

I’m spiritually addicted to all his lyrics. It’s as if he writes about my life (the same happens with BTS too). ‘Illa Illa’ music video was like a cinematic experience and within those 4 minutes, he brilliantly captured what he wanted to convey.

The chorus part was particularly appealing which repeats the title words- ‘illa illa’. I loved how he played with the words here. Out of curiosity, I searched upon Google and found out that the title “해변 (hae-byeon)” translates to “beach” in English, whereas ‘illa illa’ has no particular meaning, but can be used to represent the sounds of the waves of water washing over the sand. Brilliant, right?

I’ll never get tired of his voice. His voice, the smooth rap part were so relaxing along with the chill melody.

About the concept/ Opinion on the MV:

The visual storytelling and the whole MV was absolutely stunning. “Oh, at the end of my sleeves is a beach/ ‘Cause I wiped out the water flowing on both cheeks”. The MV starts with B.I waking up confused and tired in front of a ocean. He then wanders alone stumbling and getting lost in the streets, more accurately he runs away from his past depression and all those “awkward goodbyes and emptiness“.

It’s hard to accept the fact how depression and emptiness became a familiar feeling to many people in this generation. At the end of the day, it just feels home more than any euphoric feelings because we are so familiar with it. I can’t possibly explain it more than the way he expressed it in his lyrics. It’s just too deep to handle-

“Longingness is what I do best
Depression is the most comfortable home for me
The corners of my broken heart will be sharp
I will be the one stabbed again anyway
It’s a familiar wound, it’s a familiar farewell
Awkward goodbye and emptiness
It’s a familiar scene”

As the beat and energy pick up, B.I overcomes his hurt and sadness. He now smiles while running, listen to his earphones, hang out with his friends and even playfully kicks the beach waves. The progression of him being happy will uplift the sprits of any viewers. As the video and mood further progresses towards the end, he slowly gains confidence as he sings ‘Stargazing by the rolling waves
I won’t shed new tears/ Though I know it will crumble/ I’ll probably build a sandcastle again

The last 2 lines are so powerful if you think about it. Sandcastles are so easily destroyable and it won’t last for long especially if it is made near beaches. Happiness is also just like that in our life- temporary. Sometimes it will leave, making you feel nothing but pain and misery but that doesn’t mean you can’t build an another one. You just need to get up, wipe your tears and find a new start despite knowing that fact that it will crumble again!! Because nothing is permanent in this temporary life and once you realize that, you’ll shine differently : )

The video finally concludes with him enjoying a drive across a bridge on a bright day with a smile on his face.

Photo edit:-

Personal likes:-

  1. The scene where the water droplets from his eyes flow backwards, i.e. towards the sky was incredibly beautiful. 👀
  2. His voice is so damn sexy and easy to get lost in, I mean come on, I’ll keep on saying this!!! (do you ever get so attracted to someone’s voice alone?)
  3. The shot of him giving a cold gaze towards the camera was so intense. His eyes alone spoke thousand words. 🌊
  4. The representation of fireworks in the end as a bright new start was amazing. It somehow made me so emotional, especially with the line- ‘Stargazing by the rolling waves/ I won’t shed new tears‘ ✨

English/ Western song recommendation:

Who’s in your head– Jonas Brothers

I used to have a huge crush on them (more than 1D) during my teenhood so I was more than happy to see them getting married and joining together again in my adulthood too (giving hits ever since they got reunited in 2019). I must say they are increasingly getting better and all their music keeps rockin’ in their own style.

‘Who’s in your head’ is a upbeat bop music. The groove of this song is no match compared to others.

About MV:-

In the video, the action cuts between Joe lounging with a cup of coffee, Kevin riding a scooter, and Nick singing at a hair salon were like visual treats. I also loved the scenes where random strangers suddenly starts to dance in between their works. The conecpt of jonas brothers singing inside people’s mind was literally amazing. Overall it’s a great song to sing and vibe along with.

Photo edit:-

Favorite lyrics:-


“I hear the whispers every night

Even when I’m dreaming

Now, tell me, baby, were you ever mine?”

Signing off / singing off key for today 🎶


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