Hey everyone!! Today we have a special guest, a kind hearted girl who has a lot of humor and it’s none other than Shivi @Shivictionary. She is an amazing friend of mine and also a great blogger who writes fun and relatable post. A collaboration is the best way for any blogger to connect with … More SMALL TALKS × SHIVICTIONARY COLLAB


Greek mythology and it’s connection with “Blood, Sweat and Tears”

Who is ready to hear some jaw-dropping Greek mythology stories along with mesmerizing visuals, good message and music? Note: It took me months to do research, study and summarize my writings so it’s gonna be a bit lengthy. Take your own time to read it. I’ve given page jumps in case you want to read … More Greek mythology and it’s connection with “Blood, Sweat and Tears”

Mandala Art 🖤

They say art speaks for itself but notably, it speaks the soul of an artist. I choose this picture (from internet) to draw because I feel personally attached to it. Moon is a feminime symbol, the beauty of the dark side of nature. The phrases of the moon symbolizes immortality or eternity. Whereas wolf symbolizes … More Mandala Art 🖤