My Favourite Albums of 2021

Happy new year 2022!! ✨

It’s finally time to say goodbye to 2021 and this is my best way of doing it. All my favorite bands released a new album this year and I’ll be forever grateful to them because they have no idea how much their songs personally gave me hope, reassurance, happiness and comfort during my hard times. So I’m gonna wrap this year by writing a appreciation post about all my favorite albums.

(Click the name of the song to listen to it directly on YouTube)


Warning ⚠ : This album is hella addictive. Be careful if you have a weak heart for good music

I’ve never seen such an high quality trailer for any album better than this one. The way they choose the concept and the title of the album is so interesting. We can’t deny the fact that TXT always loves contrast- lyrics about existential doom or chaos lurk beneath dance beats and cheery production.

1. The chaos chapter: Freeze – by TXT

First of all, how do they get so much better after each comeback!!? How come I like every freaking song from this album!!? I was already in awe with their previous / debut album ‘The dream chapter’ and this.. I loved it to the core of my heart. TXT is still being criticised for their fame accusing “it’s only because of BTS” but these people just don’t see the real talent in front of their eyes. TXT’s songs style, vocals, choreography and video concepts can’t be compared with any other K-pop group in industry.

All the songs felt like something that I’d been longing for years but lost it and then finally found them after long time. You can understand how it feels like, right? God, someone put it into words how I actually feel.

0×1= LOVESONG (I know I love you) feat. Seori– is the title track and the most favorite song of mine from this album. The boys slayed the vocals parts as usual. I lost count of times I listened to this song. I was so obsessed with it to the level that I even made an edit with all their performances. They are dangerously attractive even in just black and white costumes!! The line “In this world of ice/ you’re the only shining glow. / Now I can’t stop thinking ’bout you when I’m sinking alone” has my whole heart. The amazing story and the message that they pulled off for this music video deserves to be explained in a separate post!!

Ice cream The use of metaphor with ice cream is just so marvelous. It’s a funky pop song which serves sweet melodies sugar coating a darker message that happiness is like ice cream, how quickly it melts and how we still carve for more. The music is upbeat and energetic but the lyrics are too deep. A good song to cope up with stress.

Magic – Just like it’s name, this song is so magical. I don’t know how to describe the feeling but it sounded more like a cheering song that comes in Disney movies. Maybe it’s because of how their voice differ when they sing completely in English. I can understand how much effort they must have taken to achieve this level of perfection. Soobin and Beomgyu accent were so clear considering they are not that fluent in English. The moves were so simple and smooth to vibe with. Believe me, this song is so beautiful. That last chorus line “say everybody” and the clapping sound was so satisfying to hear.

Anti Romantic It’s a classic R&B infused soft ballad. This song slaps hard with the lyrics on so it was sort of healing to hear, relatable for someone who is scared to love and never had been in a proper relationship.

No rules Oh my, Oh my. I legit fell for this song without even realizing it. Not picking any favorites but to me, Yeonjun’s rap stood out the most. Watch their dance practice performance below. They’re killing it!!

[Chorus: Taehyun, Huening Kai]
The vi-i-ibe that I dreamed of every day
A dri-i-ive that can’t be stopped
One more time, yeah
I just wanna dance
Dance until we can’t no more
 (No more, no more)

What if I had been that PumaAagghh, this is my favorite song too. The title reminded me of the song ‘Puma’ sung by them in 2020. Anyway, both songs were inspired by a story of a puma which escaped from a zoo just to end up in a tragedy of death.

The way this song flows and switches with the members voices so smoothly is beyond admirable. The chorus repeats itself again and again, stressing the choice one has to make in a tough life or death situation like “Pick your answer, A or B, it’s a balance game with a puma and I in the front / Uh do I have to choose? Uh when I face that question. / I keep quite as if I’m mute/ in this tricky choice of palette, I don’t know my color/ this continuous dilemma end in darkness /This freeze tag that continues in my brain / I just want an answer”.

Dear Spuntnik This music is art. It’s just so fresh and catchy. Spunkit is the name of the first satellite that was put in the orbit and it also means ‘companion’ in Russian. The song is about someone in their utterly loneliness with no warmth and yet continuing their journey with love or the companionship of someone special because that is what keeps us going forward in life.

Frost was at its best, quite different from the other songs in the album. It’s my second favorite in this album after the title track. I like it when TXT tries something hip hop and rapy. When I heard it for the first time, I knew I’m gonna listen to it forever. If you watch their music video, you probably won’t understand anything because it is a continuation of many songs and is linked to each other album. But it doesn’t stop you from admiring them.

The bridge part towards the end goes like” On dream island, only chaos exists/
I run but sink deeper into dread/
Meaning frozen before the name/
Am I ready for this?”

(I mean look at this video. How can you not like them?)

Solo mini-album in K-pop:-

2. Lalisa – by Lisa

She is my favorite queen of K-pop. Both the songs in the album were such a bop. Don’t ask me to pick one because I honestly can’t decide.

Lalisa I’ll never get tired of saying that this MV was jaw-dropping. I can’t get enough of her voice, attitude and visuals. The lyrics were like “Damn!! This is the kind of music that I want!!” And what is there to say more about her dance? I’m already in love with her!!

Money I think this song needs no introduction because it was there all over the Instagram reels when it got released. She pulled an extraordinary live performance with her dance crew too. This song has been stuck in my mind, never left ever since~


3. Sour – by Olivia

This album is supreme. She exactly knows what needs to be heard through her music. The beauty of this album is that no song is similar to other songs on her list. She literally tried many genres and showed different sides of her through disgust, rage, jealousy, and all the insane emotions that a normal teenager go through. This album is also a proof that she can literally pull off any genre in music.

I’ve also heard so many criticisms against her saying the lyrics are way too dramatic, that her songs are about a 13 year old who had breakup. Guys, come on!! Haven’t you heard her other songs before? Never judge a singer based on a particular album. Well, we all need some drama in our life sometimes. At such an young age, she writes, produces, compose her own songs and even got 7 Grammy nominations, all within one year. What have you done or achieved at your age? And anyway, what’s life without a little bit of drama? Stop with all your useless hatred and enjoy the music.

BrutalTop #1 favorite from this album. A perfect song to vibe with relatable lyrics. This is the type of rock music that should be blasted loud in the speakers.

1 step forward, 3 steps backBeautiful as it is!!

Driver’s license an another beautiful song with heartbreaking lyrics. It made me cry over for a boyfriend who doesn’t even exist. That’s the power this song holds.

Deja vu- The second favorite song of mine from this album after ‘good for you’. It’s pretty sad knowing how easily someone you hold special can replace you. I like the way she writes lyrics for her music. It’s more like singing a story with emotions which is quite difficult to pull out if you ask me.

Good 4 you It’s the leading track of the album and it’s is so energetic and chaotic at the same time. The music video was insanely perfect. This song still remains as my most favorite!!

“I’ve lost my mind, I’ve spent the night
Crying on the floor of my bathroom
But you’re so unaffected, I really don’t get it
But I guess good for you”

Maybe I’m too emotional

But your apathy is like a wound in salt

Maybe I’m too emotional

Or maybe you never cared at all

Jealousy, Jealousy “Co-comparison is killin’ me slowly/
I think, I think too much/
‘Bout kids who don’t know me”

Favorite crime Absolutely loved it!!

Hope ur ok, Enough for you, Traitor, Happier were also good but I didn’t enjoy listening to them as much as I did for the rest.

Spanish Album:

4. Revelacion – Selena Gomez

A big congratulations to the Queen for getting her first- ever Grammy nomination as Best Latin Pop Album. I’m so proud of her because this album rightfully deserves every single bit of appreciation and attention.

Honestly, I haven’t listened to all the songs. I loved De una vez, Baila Conmigo and Selfish love. Is it only me or does anyone else feels like her voice is even more mesmerizing in Spanish. De una vez MV was so etheral and the lyrics were on point. Especially the part “I don’t have you, I have myself / This is not for you to think it’s about you / I left so don’t you forget / That through death one can be reborn”. Damn, and they still ask me why I adore Selena Gomez!?

Japanese Album:

5. BTS, the Best – BTS

BTS Japanese album has a special place in every Army’s heart!! It has it’s own fanbase and I’m not even exaggerating. They make me feel something with their music and I’ll hold on to it until the day I die.

I absolutely adore each and every songs in this album but my personal favorites are Flim out and Stay gold. I literally cried to this performance because their voices took me to heaven (watch it here). The outro towards the end where V, Jimin and Jin sing continously hit the high notes literally moved my heart. Jungkook’s voice and hidden vocals are no joke. No matter in which language or to which artist or even which gnere I listen to, in the end it is always BTS who make me fall head over heels for them. It’s always them. Now I can rest in peace knowing that this song exists. 😭💜

“From all the memories stored in my heart/
I gather up the ones of you, link them together/
Gazing at them projected across the room/
I feel you with every burst of pain”

Flim out- BTS

Okay, I can’t end this post without mentioning 3 more of my favorite hits from my country, India!! Do give these songs a try, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.


1. Namma stories

This song embraces the four greatest southern languages of India – Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, with a little touch of English. It was sung by 4 different South Indian artists as a tribute song. I’m hella addicted to this sick beat. Hats off to the team for bringing this song alive, especially Arivu.

2. Vaathi coming – Master

Two words – 🔥🕺

3. Oo Antava – Pushpa

This needs to be on my list 🌸

Thank you everyone for sticking with me throughout this year. WordPress is one of my favorite place to come when I feel down and you all have made sure to make it a comfortable one. It means a lot to me. Let’s continue to make some good memories together.

Have you listened to them? What is your favourite album of 2021? Tell me in the comments below. I would love to listen them : )

Happy new year once again ✨


31 thoughts on “My Favourite Albums of 2021

  1. I’m obsessed with I know I love you for over a month, I’m gonna listen to the whole album after I finish my Chemistry exam tomorrow and celebrate a bit😁. And you already know how much I love BTS and Selena❤
    Yeah I also love ~~drop some money ~~😎

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    1. I knew that for sure!! 😁
      Do let me know how you think about the other songs in the album. 😉
      And here we go again as long term buddies with same vibe!! ❤️
      (*sry for replying late. Don’t know how I missed your comment)

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  2. Happy new year Pavithra! I love the last one, I’ve been dying to watch the film pushpa but the rising COVID cases just spoilt all my plans 🥺 I love your picks and reviews!

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  3. Happy new year!!
    I got check out all the k-pop ones
    Sour was sooooooo gooood!! Brutal is the perfect song for teens today, i agree! And its just olivia’s vocals are so strong amd you can feel the emotions in her voice!!
    And selena’s always good!!

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