My favourite online comic – Lights, camera, love!!

Webtoon is a online comic app, created by a South Korean corporation Naver, where you can find and read amazing stories in English. I’m currently obsessed with reading ‘She is hopeless’ and ‘Before we knew it‘. It is one of my most recently used app but long back I found a famous comic which was not there on webtoon but randomly on some other platform. It’s called – Light, camera and love. Till now it remains as my most favorite comic, no matter how many more I’d read after that. I’m still not over it!!

The plot was so gripping to read along with hilarious personalities of the main characters.

Total chapters: 184 (including specials)

Language: English

Genre: Drama, romance, comedy

Time taken: I read it while it was an ongoing series so I received only one chapter once in a week. Now that the series is completed, you can finish reading it within just 1 week. (believe me, it’s so good that you might even complete it in 2 days!!) In conclusion: It doesn’t take much of your time.

Plot : The story starts off with an unpopular yet talented actress named wanwan who usually gets only evil characters as a role. Thus the society views her as a villain in real life too. Wherever she goes, she is hatred by everyone because of it but in real, she is the most kindest girl to ever exist. The main lead character, Jian Ning, is portrayed as a famous soft romantic actor in cinema industry but in real, a troublesome, rude guy who don’t even smile with his workers in the set. When wanwan gets to know about him, she sees him as a whole different person and the same happens with Jian Ning too.

They story revolts around how they support each other in the flim industry and find love. Wannan faces various problems and competitions while Jian Ning resolves them for her to become successful as a heroine and people to appreciate her talent. When Jian faces with his enemy ji mo and yinan Qu, the plot thickness. They both play dirty to bring him down in the industry. Some scenes get even more hilarious in between. The side character, also the comedians throughout the series shows kun bu and his fan yu tang who was actually a girl but became a guy for running her father’s company. It’s even more funnier when wanwan brother, yun tang misunderstands Jian relationship with his sister and also with yu tang.

Overall, it was romantic and so hilarious to read. It also has a happy ending so you can reading it by smiling ear to ear.

Rating (out of 5): ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Link: (totally free) or Tapas (first 11 chapters are free and you need to pay if you want to continue further)

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and start reading it!! Believe me, you won’t be disappointed.

Happy reading!!

Singing off for today ✨


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