Why we hate social medias? – A collab post

Hey everyone!! I’m so happy to finally write about the topic which I had always been wanted to talk. This is a collaboration post between me and Nivithasri from Fairy hacks. She is a lifestyle blogger who gives amazing beauty and health tips.

We are not going to give advice or explain the cons of social medias which everyone knows. Instead we will let you hear our stories, experiences and why we both are not that interested in social medias. We shared 5 questions to each other so don’t forget to visit her blog to read the other half of our collab.

Her questions:-

1) Which Social media platform do you dislike and what made you do that?

I don’t know why out of all platforms I hate Facebook the most. I still don’t have an account there. I think it’s because how insecure it is and how anyone can create fake profile and id’s to bully, blackmail and stalk others. The idea of chatting or getting to know my friend’s friend didn’t bother me. I just wanted a private platform to have one way conversation with my friends or relatives but facebook is like a open book for anyone to get to know even if you play safe. I know how it can be used as an powerful tool to teach, help, share knowledge or empower people but if I look back at my friends, they only use it for gossiping or stalking.

Social media has also given us so much freedom to ‘show and tell’ whatever the hell that we want but there is beauty in privacy. It’s okay to keep things private to yourself.

2) Have you ever come across someone whose real life is very different from their social media life?

Yes, totally!! It’s like they are a completely different person in social media compared to real life. I know a girl who continously takes snap all the time so that she could post it for her followers. She also create many fake scenarios to get likes. It’s kinda toxic to see her posts because I know her true colors but her online friends don’t.

3) Have you ever had bad experiences with social media? Could you share any of those experiences?

It’a not that bad but some experiences sure did made me angry. When I got my own phone, the first app I installed was WhatsApp. I don’t know how but a random guy got my number and stated calling me anonymously. First I thought it was a prank by my friends but then I got panicked after seeing his profile pics and true caller. I blocked him immediately and informed my parents. They told me to be more careful while sharing my number with anyone. It was so frustrating.

As soon as I created insta account with my profile pic on it, lot of unknown guys kept sending me creepy messages but I know it happens with all the girls. If those stalkers are confident enough to use such medias for shit then I’m more confident enough to ignore them and use it for a good cause.

4) If you get some superpower to change something on social media, what would you change?

That’s an interesting question. I don’t know. A little privacy, maybe? Like only selected followers can see whom I follow or which posts that I like.

5) How exactly your friends reacted when they heard about you hate social media?

“you live in a 21st century girl, grow up”.
“oh really? How can you live without using fb?”
“Good, It’s hard to see people like you these days”

Those are the three types of reactions I usually get. Sometimes they don’t even believe me. I’m a computer student and I support the growth of technology and stuffs but it also makes us anti-social and addictive at the same time. When I realized that, I quitted spending more time on it but I didn’t uninstall. That was a wise choice because we have to make right use of it without getting obsessed or drawn into the temptation of being a ‘social butterfly’.

It’s not that I’m totally against social medias or anything because I still use WhatsApp, Insta, Snap and Twitter and of course my favorite WordPress to get engaged with others. It’s just that I’m not really into lame chatting, maintaining streaks, updating profiles and status regularly. I also have very few contacts in my list and my insta followers are just 25 till now but they all are my close friends. I don’t like to fall into this competition of getting famous by having more likes and comments. I use snap for only taking good photos and twitter to get updated to latest news around the world. That’s it, my life is that simple and I love it.

I do not know about others but I have this habit of putting my phone on silent mode, always. It really helps me to focus on my life and check on my messages only when I feel like it. I’ve seen many people turning on their notification and whenever the message tone pops up, they suddenly stop functioning and starts searching for their phone. Don’t you think your phone is controlling you instead you have be the one who should control it?

Which all social medias you use, for how long and what purposes? Tell me your opinions in the comments below.

Signing off for today ✨


29 thoughts on “Why we hate social medias? – A collab post

  1. I hate Facebook too. I don’t know I just never liked it at all. I have an account there my friends made me create so I could join their chat group but I just couldn’t stand that atmosphere so I just connected it to my blog to automatically share my posts but I don’t remember when was the last time I logged into my FB ac😂 I like Twitter and Insta though but sometimes Instagram is also annoying, you know just people showing off and faking 😥 But I do think that social media has lots of pros too.

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    1. I love how much we are so similar. Even i couldn’t stand the FB atmosphere. I kinda feel safe with Twitter where I can follow my favorite celebrities, get latest news updates and tweet my honest thoughts. Tbh, I rarely open insta. 🤷🏻‍♀️
      You are absolutely right. That’s why we all still use them despite everything. We just needs to be more careful because it’s our life and privacy that we are playing with.
      Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts, poorwa!

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  2. I also don’t like Facebook and I don’t use it at all. I think my favorite is Twitter. Instagram is somewhat boring 😩 and I get how you mean when you say people can be really fake online.

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  3. Social media has its own set of pros and cons, but the cons get way more attention than the pros, some of which most of us turn a deaf ear to.
    I definitely agree with keeping only a few social media accounts: it really helps you to focus on other things, and it’s something even I follow as well.
    Getting messages from unknown people on any social media platform itself is very creepy and very scary indeed.
    Loved reading this post, btw!

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  4. This is such a good post! Talking about the pros of social media is pretty common, but people rarely talk about its downside despite the fact everyone knows it.
    I use Whatsapp, Instagram and WordPress, mostly, for connecting with people, and sharing my thoughts.
    Great post once again!

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  5. I too know a girl who acts like a celebrity and posting fan requested photos. I can’t even explain how much anxious it is to receive messages from Unknown persons on whatsapp. Currently, I’m using LinkedIn, Instagram, twitter and whatsapp much. I enjoyed reading your answers and I like how unique you are and the way you keep your life private. It’s great collaborating with you Pavithra.🥰🤗

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    1. Oh that’s kinda sad. Getting competitive to do anything just to get likes or become famous is one of the most annoying thing that I find it on social medias.
      Receiving unknown messages is my worst nightmare. Oh that’s great.
      Thank you so much!!! I’m so glad you liked reading my answers. It was great speaking this topic with you. ✨


      1. I had written a long comment mentioning ‘destruction caused by social media in life. However, focusing on improvements & solutions is the right approach, I think.

        Thank you Pavithra.😊

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  6. Indeed, online safety is often overlooked, and people often overshare content to gain followers and likes. I’m not on insta or whatsapp but unknown people messaging you sounds extremely creepy. I totally agree with the points in your post.

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