Turn the volume up – III (August month 2021)

Hey everyone!!! If you are new here, this is a monthly series of my recommendations and reviews on one kpop and one English song. If you haven’t checked out my introduction post then click here.

Note: Click the name of the song to directly listen to it on YouTube.

K-pop recommendation:

God’s menu – stray kids

Okay, so this is one of those songs which must be played loud in a speaker to hype up your mood and dance. It’s a hip hop muisc with powerful rap sections in between. 

Opinion on the mv and choreography

In one word ‘Daebak (Awesomeee!!)’. I loved everything about this video.

Talking about choreography, I couldn’t take my eyes from the beginning till the end. I don’t know the technical terms to describe a dance move but their sequence during the pre- chorus part was driving me insane. How do they even come up with such unique steps!?

About the concept:

The concept is pretty clear and lyrics are self-explanatory. They refer themselves as cooks who make their own dishes. Their music is referred as the dishes made which are added to their diverse menu.
They say not only one but all the items in the menu will satisfy our taste, needs and none will go off the charts.

Personal likes and dislikes

1. Flex’s deep hunting voice. I mean seriously, I can watch his line in continuous loop for 2 hours.
2. The video transactions!! Every scene is so smoothly moved to the next.
3. Their costumes were splendid, no doubt about it.
4. The way the starting scene was shown just like the chef welcoming his customers and recommending their hottest dishes did add more beauty to the lyrics. The intro and the verse also seemed more striking.

Favorite lyrics:

“cooking like a chef I’m a 5 star Michelin.
You reached the peak of taste, that’s an illusion.”

You see, that’s the amount of confidence I want to have. The thing is, Machelin star is the ultimate hallmark of rating system awarded to the restaurants and according to the guide, the best is 3 and maximum is 5 stars. Getting one itself is considered as a greatest honor. There is no restaurant in the world which is capable of getting more than 3 star rating and its quite impossible.  

English / western song recommendation:

Driver’s license – Olivia Rodrigo

I’m a proud fan of her since the beginning and have always adored her voice and the way she hits the high notes. It’s good to see her finally getting all the fame that she deserves. Her ‘Sour’ studio debut album needs no introduction since the songs are still sitting in hot 100 billboard charts. I could talk a lot about this album but, I still haven’t got over with this beautiful ‘driver’s license’ song!!

About MV:

The song flows with a particular story, like how she remembers every single day spend with him, all the good memories which are now broken because of their separation.

She was feeling herself throughout the video and her eyes alone spoke thousand words. Most of the scenes were shot in the car and streets giving out the perfect vibe. I was in love with this scene when she fell back on the car, enjoying the breeze with her hair open. I guess every girl could understand that feeling and the comfort it gives, right? No matter how many times I listen but the “red lights, stop signs” part always gives me chills!!

Favorite lyrical lines

“And I know we weren’t perfect but I’ve never felt this way for no one
And I just can’t imagine how you could be so okay now that I’m gone
Guess you didn’t mean what you wrote in that song about me
‘Cause you said forever, now I drive alone past your street”

That’s it. Thank you for reading!! Have you heard any of these songs? Tell me about it in the comments below.

Signing off / Singing off key for today 🎶


29 thoughts on “Turn the volume up – III (August month 2021)

      1. Thanks for understanding. If I were in ur place, I would have been irritated with you. Thank God, ur better than me😂
        I’m listening to Taylor Swift’s Red album. Red, Taylor’s Version is coming out on Nov 19 ig, so yeah. I’d never listened to that album. But now I love most of the songs in it😁!!

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  1. Hey Pavi! How r u? 😊😊🥰 sorry couldn’t interact that much. Wasn’t online on WP! Now m back.. can’t wait to meet u guys.. I missed u, pannaga, poorwa and all.

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  2. I loved God’s Menu too, it was what got me into stray kids! Also I agree with you on the fact that the transition and costumes in the music video were fabulous, in addition to the song and the choreography!

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