Crying – a strength in disguise

The worst day of my life!?
It’s when I searched “what should I do if I feel like crying all the time?” in Google. I cry all the time. Like while watching a sad movie or even a happy movie, listening to songs, when someone raises their voice, when I see a poor kind or a beggar on the road, or when someone cares too much for others, I cry for literally anything. I cry out of enormous bliss, sadness, anger which I can’t control, out of pity, or even out of feeling empty. It’s as if the water is waiting eagerly at the edge of my eyes to come out at any minute. I don’t know how to comfort a person so if someone’s crying in front of me, probably I’ll cry along with them. Am I that sensitive!? Should I hate myself for it? Most of the time, I control myself because I’m not that stupid enough to cry in front of others. I often considered it as an act of weakness and it really is. You can break down, tuck under your blanket, lie on the bathroom floor and cry until your eyes become red but crying in front of others is a big NO.
I’ve read this beautiful quote somewhere that says

“Crying does not indicate that you are weak. Since birth, it has always been a sign that you are alive.”

There is this Pixar movie called ‘Inside out’ which centers around a young girl and her 5 core emotions which are fear, anger, joy, disgust, and sadness. The emotions in her mind are shown as characters and how they cope up with the new environment and changes. The interesting part of the story is that no one allows sadness to touch the ball, which is the only way to control her emotions. Throughout the movie the four emotions especially the joy, try to control and put the sadness away from her mind or the ball as much as possible. They think it’s the only way to keep her happy and thus suppress him whenever he comes out to explain them.

At the very end when all things get messed up, the happiness, disgust, anger and fear take in change and thus making everything even worse. In climax, the sadness in her comes out and cry while touching the ball and so does the girl. It’s when all the problems, misunderstanding between her parents gets cleared and they live happily ever after. The other four emotions which control her body most of the time finally understand that: sometimes it’s okay to let her cry to feel better. Sometimes even joy has to cry out of happiness.

If you feel like crying, it’s totally fine. It shows you’ve been strong for too long!! Given in this pandemic situation, everyone is going through a different kind of pain whether it’s grief, solitude, loss, unemployment, poverty, or breakups and failure. Remember you are never alone in this world. Cry when you feel too heavy because letting your sorrows and worries out through tears really helps you to feel better. It’s okay if it takes some time to calm your mind.

All I want to say is, I’ve heard many people saying it’s not manly to cry or women who cry are weak which is nothing but a total bullshit. You have every right to feel and experience all emotions. It is what makes you human after all and a better person in life.

People have the natural habit of hitting other’s sensitive points so never cry in front of others. Let your emotions out when you are alone. It makes you realize and understand a lot of things.

They say ‘always smile’ in your life but no one ever said ‘it’s okay to cry’ when you feel heavy.


52 thoughts on “Crying – a strength in disguise

  1. While I do relate to most of what you have said in this article, I want to specifically talk about the movies part. There are normally three kinds of endings in movies that make me emotional: bittersweet endings, cliffhanger sad endings and definitive endings. Bittersweet endings make me emotional due to both the bitter and sweet elements. Cliffhanger sad endings are like bittersweet endings without the sweet elements. Definitive endings are a little difficult to explain. These generally happen in a series or movie series. Imagine you have been watching a series (movies or episodic) and each movie or episode ends with you knowing that the main characters (with which you have become attached). What happens when a movie or episode of that series ends with you knowing that they will not come back. That’s what I feel is a definitive ending and it is really had to believe that they are truly gone.
    A nice article.
    Keep it up!

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    1. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us. You are absolutely right. When a movie or series ends, a part of ourselves ends with it too, especially when it has a sad or bittersweet ending.
      Thanks once again!!

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  2. Crying is not a sign of weakness. In fact, it is a sign of advanced emotional intelligence. Crying has so many benefits too. Oh, I loved Inside Out. And yes, sometimes even joy has to cry out of happiness.

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  3. Yes, it’s very healthy to cry. In fact, keeping it all inside and not letting it out can sometimes be unhealthy. I think you might cry so much because you have a greater capacity to feel empathy for others – that’s actually a strength, not a weakness. 💕

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    1. You are absolutely right. Even I’ve heard people saying that to me. Your words remind me of the quote “Being sensitive in this cruel world is courage and not weakness” Thank you so much for validating my feelings. ❤️

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  4. I could totally relate to you! I’ve always thought crying makes me weak. But now I can’t cry much but I am still sensitive and feel emotional! Great post!🔥❤️

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    1. Thank you so much!! Glad you could relate to it. Crying doesn’t make anyone weak. We all are human and it’s okay to feel and show our sensitivity sometimes.
      Thanks once again for appreciating ❤️

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  5. It’s okay to cry and feel happy.😊

    There are other things for which I don’t cry, they need clear explanation from me. For example, Study. Prepare your notes, be up to date. Do not copy your friends work.

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  6. Ahhh I just cried so much like a few hours ago and I was so embarrassed because it was in front of someone else and I literally COULDN’T STOP 😭 They were super nice about it but I’m still cringing because that’s awkward. So yeah, this post has perfect timing and I so agree with you!! You don’t know how many times I’ve searched up “how to stop yourself from crying” because I cry at least once a week lol and it’s just so normal to me and definitely makes me feel better. so THANK YOU Pavithra for validating my feelings and normalising showing emotion ☺️☺️❤️

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    1. You are never alone and I can totally understand how you must have felt at that situation.
      Thanks a lot for understanding me too. Guess I’m not the only one who does all those emotional searches in Google ✊🏻
      Aww I’m so glad to hear such words from you. Thank you so much, once again ❤️

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  7. I so agree. Crying is not a weakness – I cry even while re-watching shows that I’ve already seen. Just yesterday I was re-watching ‘The Office’ and cried during one of Jim & Pam’s moments. :’)

    Inside out is such a beautiful movie! Truly – sometimes sadness and happiness need to work together to make our lives more eventful. 🙂

    I also feel like crying lets me stop obsessing over the thing I’m sad about – I feel it all, let it out and it feels less sad.

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    1. You are so true!! I can be so sensitive sometimes when it comes to movies or series. Sometimes I hate myself for getting attached so much into it but it’s natural as long as we hold on to our humanity.
      I know right, it’s such a great movie and everyone must see it at least once.
      Yeah!! I couldn’t agree more 🙂

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  8. I am so glad to find someone else like me. Even I cry for such reasons, movies,books,songs etc
    And often it feels like i care too much about things that shouldn’t really bother me but they do and its kinda frustrating at times.
    And there are also times when you feel divided in your mind when you are crying and other part asks why am I crying
    Great post!

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  9. what a great post Pavithra! I so agree with you. I have a habit of hiding my tears, I don’t cry in front of anyone except when I feel comfortable with the people around me, though I sometimes cry like hell without any reason.

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  10. Crying is okay. Absolutely okay. It just means we openly feel and let emotions pass through us, it is nowhere a sign of weakness. Crying in front of people also does not make anyone weak except the people who judge you for it. I love that movie, a lot. Super post.

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    1. Thank you so much!! You are absolutely right. We only cry in front of the person whom we trust the most. Glad to know you liked that movie too.
      Thanks once again!!! ❤️


  11. What a wonderful quote ❤ 👏 I loved it so much
    And inside out is such a beautiful movie, I recommend every one to watch it…..
    Crying really makes me feel light but I so agree to your last point don’t cry infront of others, people like to hit on other people’s sensitive points, sadly I learned this lesson very hard way ….

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    1. Thanks a lot vani!! ❤️
      Even i highly recommended it to everyone. It has such a powerful message and the way the story goes is also very well directed.
      True that! It’s sad how easily people take advantage of us when we are vulnerable. Believe me, I’ve also learned it in a hard way. 😪

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  12. Absolutely.
    Infact, crying has so many health benefits, this is scientifically proven.
    And to say- Men never cry, is completely wrong. I’ve seen them crying, they just don’t shed tears and that’s the sad part of it.

    Good and Interesting post.

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