Reblog : my sister’s poem blog – intro

Every journey has a beginning and an end, which moves with a lot of bend. We are all born as baby, to experience this journey of life may be. We all become child, and start behaving wild. We all become teens, which creates a lot of changes in our genes. Then starts the real life, […]

Life’s an unavoidable journey

Hey everyone!! I’m so happy to introduce my sister’s blog here. Recently she started a new blog to post her poems and thoughts. Her blog name is – Poets’ united. Due to her study works and time constraints, she didn’t make any proper introduction but I’m sure she’ll be active on wp to publish her amazing works. Please do shower your love, support on her blog too.

Thank you!!

Signing off for today ✨


21 thoughts on “Reblog : my sister’s poem blog – intro

  1. Will definitely check out her blog as soon as I log in to wp on laptop. You know, mobile uses a different email id. So if I follow her thro this I won’t see her posts at all. Didn’t need to explain, but I did. So yeah 😝 anyways, all the best to her and her blog!

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