Some useful activities to kill time

Stuck in home for more than a year, locked away from people and starring at those same four walls – all helped me find so many hobbies in this lockdown. The most difficult task in this world is to stay still and do nothing. We all get bored so quickly. Here are some activities which I do in my free times to relax my mind and have fun at the same time. Let’s get started!!

1. Learn a new language:-

I recently started practicing this. Believe me, it’s totally interesting. You don’t have to write down with the thought of learning it. You can do it for fun or to kill some time.

What to do?
   I) Select any language that you like or show interest like french, korean or tamil.
  II) Now choose any writings from internet in the form of short stories or even lyrics. Since I listen to songs from at least 5 different languages, I mostly prefer lyrics.
III) Pick any notebook and fill it with stickers, color pens, tapes and other decorative items to make the learning more enjoyable.
IV) Copy each and every single word from it to your notebook or in a piece of paper.

As you know I’m a huge fan of kpop songs, I’ve been trying to learn Korean. Since I’m learning it on my own through watching YouTube, my progress is too slow but still i didn’t give up. It’s so much fun to learn and write something new.

(my small personalized diary for Korean language)

In this way we can at least value, appreciate and understand the beauty of other languages.
I actually got this inspiration from my school. Can you even believe they conducted a competition like this!? One day they suddenly asked for the name list for ‘Arabic handwriting competition’ and none of them knew even its alphabets. They still asked us to give our names saying that it doesn’t matter and all we have to do is write down a paragraph exactly like they give. All that matters is our handwriting so we have to be careful while copying every single letters in the paper.

2. Spend time with books:-

“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.” – Benjamin Franklin
I live and stand by this quote.

What to do?
I) Like me, if you are a reading type of a person more than a writer, then there are many books, free websites and colorful apps offering you the best stories online. If you have only less time, I highly recommend you to download the app called ‘webtoon‘, a comic app where you get your chapters updated every week. Read blog posts regularly. It helps you to understand the people around us. I think there is no need to mention the benefits of reading as we already knew them but the important one to point out is that it improves your vocabulary and language skills.

(Selected ones from my collections)

II) If you love to write then I suggest you to write about everything and anything. It can be a fan fiction, poem, stories, letter, diary entry or your personal feelings in one or two lines. It helps to reduce stress level and understand yourself more.

3. Draw:-

I repeat, you don’t have to be good at it too. “Everyone is a born artist” is what I say to myself frequently.

What to do?
I) Close your eyes in a peaceful environment and think for 2 minutes.
II) Recollect what came to your mind at that moment.
III) Take a paper and start scribbling.
IV) Make it look more cute and lovely by adding stickers and colors to it.

If you are good at drawing, then try to enhance it. Not because you should be perfect or something but to represent yourself that you are getting improved by taking steps forward.

4. Decorate or clean your room:-

This is one of the thing which i love doing the most. Moving a single lamp from your table near to your bedroom can bring a lot of difference.  We all are stuck within these four walls due to this covid pandemic, so changing your room interior can bring a lot of difference in your life. It will definitely brighten up your mood.

What to do?
1. Play some music in the background
2. Clean up the mess around you or even your cupboard and drawers
3. Play randomly with the things which you just found while cleaning. Who knows, maybe you’ll find that long lost birthday present from your bestie!?
4. Look around for a empty spot and hang around some beautiful handmade crafts, photo collage or led lights.

Bonus-A fun activity: Try your own combination of food

I) Go to kitchen
II) From the shelf, grab a food item that you love the most.
III) Think what other items goes best with it
IV) Don’t forget to search in the fridge too
V) Put it in the bowl and eat it altogether.

I’m not even joking! Try, it’s fun!! I’m sure everyone will have their own creation and weird combination of food. The most weird yet delicious food I’ve ever made was ‘cheese cucumber sandwich with ketchup’.

A simple and normal one can be like vanilla ice cream on top of a choco chip sponge cake besides a kinder bunero. It lifts up my mood like charm ❤️

(Are you hungry? Because I made myself hungry now 🤤)

That’s it!! I don’t do anything useful other than these. I spend lot of my free time in listening to music, analyzing the lyrics and checking out it’s cover and instrumental versions.
I also read comics and watch lot of series at midnight hoping my eyes won’t get puffy in the morning : )

Did you find these activities useful!? What other things you do in your free time? Tell me in the comments below.


61 thoughts on “Some useful activities to kill time

      1. Shall I post it tomorrow? My best wishes for your semester exam. Commonly I will post.☺☺ But that wish is for you and my friends. 👍🏻👍🏻☺☺🤗 Ok friend?

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  1. Amazing post! I do all of them! Really. I learn German, read a lot of books. And I love cleaning with music in the background!
    You are army right?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This post was fun!😁 I like reading and writing in my free time. 😄 Your diary looks cute!😍 And wow, you have Diary of a Wimpy Kid!!! Send them to me, please!!!!!🤩😃😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks a lot!! 😁❤️
      Happy to hear that. You should see my front cover, I always liked to decorate my diary ✨
      Ha ha, ‘dairy of a wimpy kid’ book was my good old childhood memories 😄

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  3. Wow friend wow wow wow! It’s really fabulous. Awesome! I liked all your hobbies. And today onwards am going to learn new language. I like French. I’m very interested to learn French. And I also like to read books. I like diary of wimpy kid dog days and drawing is my favourite hobby. I love very much to draw. That’s really awesome! Daily I will think that I have to clean my room. I will clean but after 2 days it will be mess. But thank you so much for sharing tips for decorate and cleaning room. Surely, I will do it friend. Wow! I like vanilla ice cream and I will also try it friend. And also I like oreo flavour ice cream also. I spend my time with learning musics,drawing,writing poem and doing creative things. And while I’m cleaning home I will hear music after that only I will clean it. I will never miss to hear music while cleaning home. This post is really fabulous. Fantastic friend!❤❤❤😊😊🤗

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet and lovely compliments!!!
      Ohh I love french and it’s such a lovely language to hear!! All the best for learning it successfully.
      No doubt why we have so many similar hobbies and interests.
      Thanks once again for reading my post. I’m glad you could relate to almost everything.

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  4. Loved this post! You won’t believe but I do all of these things! And doing something like decorating or cleaning while music in the background (especially K-pop)….. is there something better than that!? Btw, I liked that Jaehyun’s gif. I’m into NCT these days. Do you like them?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks poorwa!! Wow…that’s so great.
      I know right, playing music while doing chores or cleaning room always makes me energetic and I’ll tend to finish my work fast.
      Gosh I’m loving them!! Their songs and music are so good.
      I loved jaehyun’s ‘I like me better’ cover to the core : )

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  5. Thanks for the 😎 ideas!! In uae we only had one lockdown so we are not in one rn but in my free time I am in malls shopping, doing taekwondo, learning new languages, out and about in uae, on social media and hanging out with ma mates. And how can I forgot listening to music! How did you find the Arabic competition? Also random question how long did you live in uae for? Thanks 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re welcome 😊
      Oh I see, here in India we still have full lockdown and the second wave of corona is getting worse than the first. Hopefully we are taking measures and staying at home.
      I’m so happy for you. I badly miss going to shopping malls.
      Oh that, I didn’t actually participate in that competition but I’ve heard about it from others who did. The good news is, my sister got first prize 🙂
      I’ve lived like around 5 years.
      Thank you for reading this post ❤️

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  6. Wow! liked your list of activities.
    Decluttering is something that gives you a new interior and you feel like you have achieved something. And while cleaning, you can also find some money you kept in your jeans years ago 😁

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