Different perspective of my latest poem: a flower in your garden

You speak of blossom
the flower’s innocence,
fragility of coloured petels,
and the purity of fragrance.

Yet you see the throns
standing wild to pierce,
some intoxicated by poison
others structured with spike.

Tell how you see me,
a beautiful radiate flower
that decorate your boutique,
the deadliest bud
which you fear to keep,

or am I the flower
you pluck and throw
to wilt.

It’s true when they say each person have different perspective. Recently I posted a poem in my blog named ‘ A flower in your garden’. After publishing, it got a whole new meaning. I found out many people interpreted in different ways, considering their view and experience. Of course while writing, my vision was quite different so I thought of putting it all in one.

Perspective 1: A flower, not knowing her identity, is questioning the florist who takes care. The ‘you’ here can represent the florist who picks the best out of all beautiful flowers to decorate his/her boutique. They often use tools to cut some flower’s parts like stem, leaves, or thorns. Some flowers get the advantage of being a whole, considering their beauty while others are simply plucked and thrown out. The flower, who is the speaker of the poem is thus asking the florist where does she stand!?

Perspective 2:

A normal and quite obvious perspective, that is being in a relationship. Flowers are always considered as sweet and fragile, often a common term used to represent feminine. In reality, not every flower is weak and so does women. The ‘you’ here can represent her lover. He, who has seen both the bright and dark side of her, is unable to confess his feelings.

The first part expresses how he speaks and praises the only soft and fragile self of her. The second part expresses how desperately she wants him to know the other dark side of her, to which he notices and never speaks.
She doesn’t know what he thinks of her. To get true love, one has to accept her completely. Thus in the end she questions him whether he will treasure her until the end or fear to come around or leave her utterly alone.

Even though I haven’t mentioned the word rose, it seems like many thought it was only about that particular flower.

Perspective 3: The word ‘you’ here represents the reader! The rose, known for its eternal beauty, is only praised for its smell and softness. We see its dark side, afraid to touch the thorns and thus failing appreciate the beauty of the rose completely.

But he who dares not grasp the thorn, should never carve the rose

-Anne Bronte

What was your perspective while reading it? Does it belong to any one of these categories or was it something unique!? What does the word ‘you’ meant while reading it. I’m eager to know, so tell me in the comments below.

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