A flower in your garden

You speak of blossom
the flower’s innocence,
fragility of coloured petels, 
and the purity of fragrance.

Yet you see the throns
standing wild to pierce,
some intoxicated by poison
others structured with spike. 

Tell how you see me,
a beautiful radiate flower
that decorate your boutique,
the deadliest bud
which you fear to keep,

or am I the flower
you pluck and throw
to wilt.

Hope you liked reading it!! Tell me about your opinions in the comment.

Signing off for today ✨

45 thoughts on “A flower in your garden

    1. Can I ask you why you have disabled comments in your blog? Personally I think WP is safe and you can let others to post their opinions. Sometimes there will be negative ones but you have to learn to accept it too or you can just ignore it.

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      1. Of course you can ask!
        When you started WordPress, I got some inappropriate comments! If you know what I mean. Since then I couldn’t collect the Courage to open it.

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    1. Thanks a lot for appreciating!!
      Actually, I don’t know 😅
      I just thought of comparing the good and bad personalities of a women with flowers. I’ve been watching this series called ‘The originals’ and adore the relationship between Niklaus and camille. They both knew each other so well yet he never confessed his true feelings until season 3. I think that inspired me to write this poem, thinking on behalf of the female protagonist character. I’m not sure how others interrupted it while reading.

      Overall this poem is about how we all are being used by others. Some treasure us until their end, some fear to come near and others just leave us utterly alone.
      Out of curiosity, what were your thoughts while reading!?

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      1. You’re most welcome! 😁
        Ohh, that’s such a deep insight and it’s very thoughtful. How’s that show, btw?

        Haha, my assumptions were on similar grounds as well!

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    1. Thanks you so much!!! I’m glad you liked it. Yes, you are absolutely right. Perspective of a situation or relationship can change from one person to another.
      I wrote this poem by comparing the bright and dark personality of mine with the soft and poisonous flowers that others admire and fear respectively, thus asking the second person where do I stand.

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