Get to know me playlist

You might have heard people saying if you want to know about others then walk in their shoes. But let me reframe this sentence for all my music addicts over there. If you wish to know a person, listen to their favorite songs, notice the repetitive background vocal, observe its beat, analyze the lyrics for they speak the words that they can’t express.

I listen to mostly western pop and K-pop mostly, so I’m gonna mention one song from each category under a prompt (*the videos I’ve included are super awesome songs to which I fell in love with the first time itself. It’s usually rare for me to like a song at the very first time)

( English and Korean pop music)

1. A song about how I feel right now
Comethru – Jeremy zucker
Fly to my room – BTS

2. A song for my crush
Ready – Alessia Cara
Some – Bol4

3. A song that I can highly relate to
Here- Alessia Cara
Lovesick girls – Blackpink

4. A song that is personal to me
Speechless- Naomi Scott
Wannabe – Itzy

5. A song that holds a special memory to me
Hold on – Chord Overstreet
We are forever bulletproof – BTS

6. A song that that just feels like I’m in it
Dear no one – Tori Kerry
Leave me loving you – Jackson wang

7. A song that brings the bitch out of me
Look what you made me do – Taylor swift
Pretty Savage – Blackpink

8. A song that gives me strength
On my way-Alan walker
So what – BTS

9. A song that tears me apart
Lovely – Billie eilish
Fake love – BTS

10. A song that suits my happy mood
Adore you-Harry styles
What is love – Twice

11. A song that speaks my soul
Rare – Selena Gomez
Blue and grey-BTS

12. A song that drives me crazy
Blinding lights – The weeknd
God damn- I.M or Chang-kyun

13. A song that comfort my soul
Lost stars – Adam Levine
Zero clock – BTS

14. A song which has all the words that I seek
Gotta find you- Joe jonas

15. A song that I can cry with
We don’t talk anymore-Charlie puth and selena gomez
Save me – BTS

I basically created this ‘Get to know me playlist’ on my own so feel free to do it if you want. Just don’t forget to link me back so that I don’t miss out your amazing song collection.

I got inspired to do another music related tag called ‘First, Fan, Favorite’ by geek girl guide. Do check her blog out if you are a die hard fan of kpop songs.

What it’s about:
I have to mention my favorite music band or group or artist whom I follow and share the first song I heard by them, then the song that made me a fan, and lastly my favorite song by them.

1. One direction

First : Perfect
Fan : What makes you beautiful
Favorite: You and I

2. Jonas brothers

First: Live to party
Fan: Keep it real
Favorite: Sucker

3. Selena gomez

First: Heart wants what it wants
Fan: We don’t talk anymore
Favorite: Dance again

4. Shawn Mendes

First: Treat you better
Fan: Wonder
Favorite: Monster

5. Justin Bieber

First: Sorry
Fan: Love yourself
Favorite: Holy

6. BTS

First: Boy with love
Fan: ON
Favorite: Blood, sweat and tears

7. Blackpink

First: Kill this love
Fan: Boombayah
Favorite: Pretty Savage

8. Jackson wang

First: Pretty please
Fan: nunu nana
Favorite: Magnetic

9. Taemin

First: Criminal
Fan: Want
Favorite: Idea

10. MonstaX

First: Who do you love?
Fan: Love killa
Favorite: Middle of the night

I do listen to so many artists but I don’t easily become their fan so I’ve limited the list to 10.

Now Tell me your favorite song or music that best describes you in the comments below, no matter what language or genre it is.

Signing off for today ✨

27 thoughts on “Get to know me playlist

  1. Nice songs I love speechless too!! My favourite song is Ya Shabab Al Watan by Hussain al Jassmi (it’s an Arabic song) and I also love the songs Boshret Kheir by Hussain al Jassmi , Ya habibi by Mohamed Ramadan, Jour J by DJ Kayz, Desert Rose by sting, Youm Wara Youm by Samira Said and i loooovr other songs too

    Liked by 1 person

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  3. Ahh! Awesome post!!! In most of the prompts, there’s BTS! A proud fangirl😁 and I love what a man got to do by the Jonas bros( ik, it’s not mentioned here. But yeah 😂)

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Your playlist is amazing!!!
    We kinda have the same playlist!!!!!
    I also like Pretty Savage,Speechless,Look What You Made Me Do,Blinding Lights and Holy!!!
    We are forever bulletproof is like a forever favorite…The struggle is real!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Those are my all time favourites!! ❤️
      I’ve heard thousand years too, it’s such a great one
      I also prefer Bollywood songs sometimes, my favorite artist is Arjith singh 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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