Let’s talk disney- collab with Tall blonde tales

Hey everyone!! This is a collab post of me and Tia from Tall blonde tales talking about Disney. Old, young, kids or middle aged, everybody loves Disney right!? After finding out we both are disney lovers, I’ve asked her 10 questions about it and now I’ll be posting her answers here. To see my answers, the other half of the collab, do check out her blog!!

1. If you could watch only one Disney movie for life, what would it be?

Tough question because there are so many factors to think about. The soundtrack, the character arc, the storyline, how enjoyable are the characters, amount of tissues I’ll go through, how humorous is it? The list goes on! In all honesty, I think I could watch Lion King 1 ½ for the rest of my life because not only do I get all of those great songs and humour from Timone and Pumba, but I also get to relive so many great moments and songs from the original Lion King without going through the Mufasa heartbreak over and over again.

2. Is there any Disney movie that Is so underrated to you? Tell me about it.

There are two movies in my mind that are just so underrated it grates my bones. Unfortunately I can’t pick one over the other because I think they are equally overrated. The first would be the Emperor’s New Groove – I definitely don’t think this movie gets the credit it deserves. It is funny, has a great story to it, and is so clever in the way it handles issues and situations. Plus Yzma and Kronk are iconic how can you not love watching those two??

The second movie would be Treasure Planet. Now I know this movie is underrated because it is such a fantastic story (Treasure Island in Space) yet because it was quite a financial let down, it has been banished to the bottom of the metaphorical barrel. There are such powerful characters, great humour, and just a really lovely story that you can get very invested in. Seriously this is one of my dad and my favourite films and we watched it all the time when I was growing up – it is so amazing and really doesn’t get the credit it deserves.

3. Which Disney song is your most favourite and motivates you like no other?

I think I might do this question in two parts. My ultimate favourite song is Be Prepared by Scar from the Lion King. Don’t ask me why it just has a special place in my heart, but it’s not exactly a song that motivates me like no other (although the message is sort of motivational?) and it is sung by one of the ultimate Disney villains so I’m not going to choose this as a motivational song.

A song that motivates me like no other … hmmm… I’m going to have to be really cliched here and say ‘Let it Go’ from Frozen. This song really motivates me because I’ve spent so much of my life focused on perfection and not always being true to myself and this song reminds me that you need to let go of all the negative things in your life and everything you can’t control and just allow yourself to be free to be yourself, and I think that’s such an important message for everyone to hold close.

4. Which Disney character relates to you the most?

Eish this is a tough one. I think I’ll have to go with Belle. I have always related to her since the first time I watched the movie because I’m also a bookworm and was considered quite weird. Plus I just love to her journey and I really relate to her ideas about love and kindness being so important even when you’re in difficult situations.

5. Even though Disney centres mostly on female protagonists, all Princes also have great character development. Which prince has attracted you more based on his personality and which one has made your standards in men high?

This is such a great question!! The Disney Princes do often get left behind and can be underrated or ignored but some of them are actually really fantastic. I would have to say Prince Eric from the Little Mermaid and Prince Adam (the beast) from Beauty and the Beast (yes I know he was an ass in the beginning but he really turned around and we can’t judge all books by their covers or first impressions). These two gents are a big part of what has made my boyfriend’s life so difficult because the compassion and love they show for their princesses, and just the sweet, gentle way in which they treat them (later on in the Beast’s case) melted my heart as a young, impressionable little girl and has stuck with me since. Nothing quite melts your heart like when a guy who normally acts like a beast or a tomboy brings out his gentle side to treat his girl like a princess.

6. Talking about animation, do you prefer the old 19th century ones or the latest versions of more polished animation?

I would definitely go with the older generation animation. Now I’m not saying that I don’t appreciate the newer animation and I am definitely amazed by how skilled it has become and how such minute details can be brought to the surface, however I think I prefer the older animations because it was so much work (not that the new ones aren’t also lots of work) to hand-draw everything and slowly animate it. I mean, the wildebeest chase scene in the Lion King took three years I think to animate?! How insane is that?! Plus, with the older animations, they had to really use their storytelling skills to convey the story because they couldn’t rely so much on animations and I’m just a bigger fan of the older stories.

7. Is there any special moment that comes to your mind while talking about Disney?

SOOO MANY!!! How can you make me choose??? Ummm if I had to pick though it would be the moment Belle walks into the massive castle library. How can you not get goosebumps at that magical moment?

8. Mention some Disney character pairs who sits well for the title of true love, long lasting friendship and perfect enemies.

For true love, if I avoid mentioning the classic prince and princess pairs, I would say Mulan and her father, because she was willing to face a punishment of death just to save his life. If that isn’t love I don’t know what is. But for a more traditional choice I’ll go with Eric and Ariel because they are just too sweet as a couple. Long lasting friendship would definitely be Timone and Pumba or Lilo and Stitch. Perfect enemies … Scar is my favourite villain but I’m not sure if he and Simba are perfect enemies? I think a really good pair for enemies would be Alice and the Mad Hatter against the Red Queen/Queen of hearts.

9. Which Disney song made you the most emotional?

Hands down Baby Mine from Dumbo – the scene where Dumbo gets to see his mother even though she is all locked up makes me cry waterfalls every time I hear the song.

10. Which talking animal or fictional creature do you adore in Disney?

STITCH!!!! He is cute, fluffy, super playful and useful and did I mention utterly adorable??

Thanks tia, once again for having me in part of this lovely collab. I loved talking to you about the topic which I enjoy the most.

What’s your thoughts on disney? What will be your answers to the questions I’ve asked? Tell me in the comments below.


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