Competition entries

Hey everyone!! I’m super happy to announce the results today. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, check here. I conducted a friendly contest for all the creative writers and artist out there on my birthday ie, 20th March and surprisingly I’ve received so many entries.

As I mentioned, I’m gonna post all the participants entries here and 100% sure you’ll be totally engaged and excited like I did.

1. Maeve @Books by MaeveViews

This was so beautifully expressed!! I like how she summarized and gave the moral by saying it is all within us!!

2. Anushka @ Anushka stories

Very well written, Anushka!! Each and every lines are so beautiful.

3. Cari @ All creatures great and small and Book Bliss

Growing from pain:
Cara disappeared into the alley, following her instincts and entering a dilapidated building after
an hour’s walk.
Cara leaned against the wall and slid down. She buried her head between her knees as a single
tear paved a lonely path down her cheek.
Cara had lost her other half, and she would grow from that. A flame ignited in her heart, spurring
her to put away the past with Ace and prove to him that she could live without him and be better
for it. Maybe even stronger for it.
Her body felt rigid, ready to go out and do something. Fight someone. Be a new and improved
Cara. Tough. Strong. Intelligent. Not afraid to use her power. Not for others, for herself. For the
gain of her cause.
Cara was tired of being a weapon, being fought over as the prize of a sick game of tug-of-war.
No. They might think they could control her, but she would steal that notion from them.
She could, and would disappear. Let them try and catch her. She’d watch and laugh. She was
empowered to be the best Cara she could be. “It’s go time.” Cara smirked and stood up, ready
to live again.

This is the amount of power and confidence that every woman should have!!! Absolutely a beautiful one. Guys, definitely check out her blog ‘Book Bliss’ called When Shadows Come to Light to read more of her amazing stories and bookish stuffs.

4. Tamara kulish @ Tamara

Her Caption: I started blogging after I wrote my first book and now an delighted to connect with like minded people and to have an opportunity to share my messages about encouragement and support for many people. I was an artist before starting to write and I still continue to paint, because the creative spirit runs strong and inspires.

Stunning painting works!!! All those blue mountains and sea waves makes me feel calm. Hearing you being an artist is what means you unique, I feel delighted.

5. Maggie @ Maggie doodles

Her Caption : Singularity to me means individuality: being your awesome, creative self. Don’t ever let anyone dull your sparkle! We were all made to shine 🌟💕 Do what you love in life, and always stay true to your values. Enjoy expressing yourself, love others, and have fun! 🤩💖

This was too cute, Maggie!!! Your passion for blogging, doodles and being optimist always amazed me. Not everyone are good at doodling, so keep going.

6. Shift walker @just dreamland

The wind hits my face like the realization hit me.

My world is not about others, but only me.

All these days, I lived my life for them.

But now, I am embracing my uniqueness.

I might not be the best girl,

I know I have many flaws.

But when you ask me, “Do you care?”

I reply to you with a “Nah!” without a care.

They told me, “Broken is beautiful!”

And at last, I choose to believe it.

I don’t care about what people think.

I’ll still be my weird self.

I used to try and blend in.

But now I know what a boring thought it is.

 I’m learning to love myself,

Though I always thought I could never find love.

But the love I wanted was here all along.

I may not be the best student.

I may not be the best daughter.

I may not be the best friend.

But I know I am the best version of myself.

At least I know what it is to like to love myself.

I wanna live my life beautifully.

I wanna give myself all the hope I ever want.

Because, the one thing I’ve learnt from them is

Amour propre!

Conveyed the message of Love yourself excellently-‘Amour propre’. Lovely one panga!!

7. Refreshing mingle @ Refreshing mingle

03.30 1:56 PM
They were in coma since weeks and months,
No symptoms of growth was visible, neither in width nor in length.

Stereotypically we concluded; we lost them,
Even after putting so much effort we were loosing; is it sin or shame.

But their was something; which was missing,
Slowly the condition starts falling even more,
Nothing we can do- Just Wishing.

A ray of hope rising from the east setting on the west,
The first visible growth- like free treat in fun fest.

It's been weeks now, our plant "Bellu" our tiger is roaring,
Little by little, it's getting better -they are growing ; they are growing.

The beauty of growth was very well penned. Enjoyed reading it!!!

8. Riya @ Riya’s world

Stopp it….Stop saying that “what really matters is what’s in the inside”. Stop it cause i know it’s not true!

If it was true I wouldn’t get the looks as if I came out of a prison.

If it was true I wouldn’t have to think 10000 times before being myself. Cause log kya kahenhge.

I am sick and tired of this dilemma!

What should I do?

I alone can’t change the world!

I have to accept what the world gives me cause I have to live here.

I might be fat or maybe thin.

Maybe dusky or maybe fair!

I have learnt not to give it a damn!

I am what I have made of myself.

I can’t be the worlds perfect little girl!

I can’t be everyone’s favourite girl

I accept my flaws.

And to those dear log who can stop judging me, good luck with your life!

Stop making me feel guilty of being my self. Stop body shaming me and stop the racism! Please stop with the millions of other things that makes me feel bad for being myself! I am not a number one scale. I am not a color on a shade card! I am myself! And I am proud of it……

So true!! It can be depressing sometimes when people constantly compares us with others. No one comes with perfect qualities or a guide book on how to live. Every one has unique personality which should be embraced and not lost for those who say ‘ log kya kahenhge’.

9. Saumya @ draw-write-inspire

CHANGES – By Saumya 

Yes I heard everything you told me,

I cannot recall what,

You know, for me, it ain’t easy,

I deserve it if you shut me off.

The voice inside me, it wants to come out,

The fear of losing you, it makes me stop

It ain’t against you, it doesn’t say you’re wrong,

It tells me I’m not doing enough. 

Looking at how seasons change,

Looking at how people age,

I am still the same, I’m still vulnerable;

You know how hard it’s for me when I’m unstable.

I want your hand, but I can’t reach you.

I’m falling apart and I don’t know what to do.

Yes I saw whatever happened,

I just couldn’t see why,

In my head, it’s all blackened,

Cause I’m thinking about you and I.

I’m having a tough time,

When I write to you, I don’t how to rhyme,

I’m fighting with myself just become enough for you,

But that voice inside, it’s haunting me inside,

I know I’m not enough but I’m doing what I can.

Looking at how seasons change,

Looking at how people age,

I’m still the same, but a bit improved.

Now my eyes want to see me, not you

I’m afraid to be alone, I’m scared of letting you go.

I need me to go and face the storm,The storm where I hid myself,

Where there are no voices to haunt me at night.

Where I can see me and say I’m alright.

Sometimes when I recall my past self,

She always tells me to go out for a drive,

And it’s me, I listen to her, always,

And the wind rushing by,

It makes my hair wave,

It makes me feel alive.

Looking at how seasons change,

Looking at how people age,

I’m not the same anymore,

I fought, I failed, I changed, I lost,

Now I’m stronger than I ever was before.

Raw emotions, repetitive lines, true feelings and no wonder why this poem is so amazing!!

10. Poorwa @ Poorwa’s blog

Her Caption : It was so strange at first but didn’t take too much time to become so special. A place where I’m the real me, where no one judges me, and always so supportive. I’ve got the best community ever because it’s the best being myself.

She is absolutely true right here. I think all the bloggers can agree to her. We might act and be different with different people around us. But when it comes to blogging no matter what, we stay true to ourselves. We are vulnerable, strong, weak and let our true emotions carry in the post that we publish. It’s all because of our supportive blogging community who constantly appreciate and encourage us to build ourselves.

11. Vani @ Story time with shivani

In the End
“So this is what the end looks like!!!”, I thought while looking at the dark blue, fast-flowing river water…..

The river which remains mostly calm in the day times roaring high right now, mostly because it is a rainy season and the river is overflowing above the sign of danger, the night is so much darker today as it is no moon’s day …..

The night is as dark as my future, I can hear dogs howling in a distance, maybe they are lamenting over what I am gonna do now, but why will they???? I am not that important to anyone, so maybe they are celebrating……

I closed my eyes, took a deep breath, remembered the “happy faces” of my family, murmured ‘I love you and ‘sorry’ to them!!!!! I was standing on the top of the bridge wall, counted 3…….2……….

Excuse me, son, I promise I won’t take a lot of your time, you can continue your important work but just guide me a way to this address” his raspy voice echoed again.

“I don’t know”, I replied in an irritated tone

He sat on the boundary wall of the bridge on which I was standing a moment ago and said, “what should I do now son????, it seems no one knows this address, I guess I have to wait here for some other pedestrian to pass by so that they can tell me the address, meanwhile you continue what you were doing, I also haven’t seen someone doing suicide before, a new experience for me” he chuckled…

“Do you think this is funny?????” I almost screamed at him…

“No, no I didn’t mean to offend you, son, I was just curious, it is my first time witnessing a suicide, so got a little bit excited” he replied calmly and gestured me to ‘go ahead’ with his hand’s sign.

I focussed on myself again, closed my eyes about to jump but couldn’t do it as I was feeling his eyes starting me constantly…..

I thought of getting rid of him first and asked him to show me the address, he gladly passed over the slip to me, it was some sort of place which gives funding to new startup companies, I have read about that in the newspaper, I looked at him with surprise, why does a man of his age need to start a business from a scratch….

“For your son????” I asked…

No, no he captured my business and thrown me out of his house, now I live in an old age home and trying to start working again” he replied calmly again…

“At this age, what’s the need??? How????” I gasped looking at him…

“I worked hard all my life, now they all say I can’t work as I am old now, but don’t you think this will be a bit of a challenge for me like I will be famous maybe, I can also imagine the newspaper heading “AN OLD MAN’S STARTUP”, I would be unique from all of the oldies of my age and also an answer for those “who say that I can not do anything” 
“I can not do anything” his last line hits me hard, this is what they all say to me, this is what they all make me feel ‘useless‘ and ‘worthless‘, My eyes get teared up a bit…
“Enough about me, young man!!! You tell me why do you want to do this???, see you have plenty of time to jump, right now just chat a little, give me company ” he said

“I used to be a very good student, a topper one, everyone had great expectations from me, my parents used to have immense pride in me, I was there ‘star’, they enrolled me in a good coaching institute, paid a very hefty amount for that, everyone knew that I will clear the exam, I also worked hard but I failed, I tried again and failed again, and now it’s been three years I am failing again and again and that too with a very poor mark,” I started crying…

“My friends are now ahead of me, some are in good colleges, some are doing jobs, even those who were preparing with me for this exam opted for different streams when couldn’t clear the exam and here I am stuck with my boring and monotonous life with no friends, no support and alone…. Even my parents who were very proud of me are now constantly taunting me for my poor marks, I have no one left with me” I told him while trying hard to control my tears.

“Hmmm, why don’t you opted for another stream like your friends???? Why did you wait for 3 years?? He asked

Because I really want to clear this exam, this is my dream job, I can not think of anything other than this” I hardly completed the sentence in the mid of crying.

“You know what, that’s what makes you unique my boy, everyone loses hope and change their goals but you, you kept fighting even after scoring low, you could have easily left after your first failure but only you have the guts to live for your dreams, YOU ARE NOT USELESS BOY, YOU ARE JUST UNIQUE, and a boy with such a unique dedication and hard work is giving up life this easily???, Nah,” he said that in a very calming voice.

“But my parents, I can bear everything but I can’t bear that lost respect of mine in their eyes” I replied….

“Hmmm if it’s about your respect then when was the first time you noticed that pride and respect for you in their eyes???” He asked

When I became my school topper for the first time when I achieved my goals” I replied…

“Exactly, achieve your goals once again and it will come back again, till then focus on what you have ‘respect in the eyes will come and go but their love for you in their hearts will always remain forever despite you being a failure or a topper’ “Are you willing to lose a permanent thing in exchange of something temporary???!!!” He asked 

His last line hits me hard, what I was going to do, how did I even think of that, how can I hurt my mother, who prays for my wellbeing daily, how can I hurt my father who’s working day and night for my well being… If this man can start a whole business once again at this age that too without any complaint and remorse, then I have my whole life in front of me to excel again….

“Go, son, start working again, work hard and remember that no exam is the measure of your intelligence, also it is not the last option on the earth to survive….. Just Do your best “. He said and hugged me.

The dark night was over and bright sunshine has welcomed me into life again, I can hear the birds chirping happily at a distance..
“Every child is unique, no matter they are a ‘topper’ or ‘not’ …….”

Such a great one vani!!! I never get tired of telling you how much I love your stories and the way you carry it with your simple words.

That’s it!! I got 11 entries in total. Hope I didn’t miss anyone since I received it from mail, Google form and also through blog post. If you haven’t participated, don’t worry, there is always a next chance.

Now let’s give a big round of applause for everyone who participated and showcased their talent in their own way.

The results will be updated as soon as possible!!!

Thanks to you too for patiently reading this post.

Did you enjoy reading all the entries? Which one attracted you more? What are your views on singularity!? Tell me in the comments below.


28 thoughts on “Competition entries

  1. I’m wondering how you are gonna choose the winner!😂 I’m glad I participated though. Thanks for hosting such a wonderful competition Avi😄💜

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  2. So wonderful entries! Each and every participant did a great job and it was such a pleasure reading all of them. Reading so many different kinds of opinions and feelings about what they feel about ‘Singularity’, was so amazing. Some expalined it through poems, some through art, stories, everything was so nice!
    Thank-you for this opportunity, Pavithra! It was really a very great topic to express on! Kudos yo you 🤗

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for your lovely words saumya. This won’t be successful without you and other participants. Even i wanted to see the different kind of opinions on singularity and that’s why I conducted this competition. I thoroughly enjoyed!!

      Glad to hear that from you!!! 😊❤️

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