Dream destination

Mystical neverland
or the land of oz
plot from flight of fancy
where expectations often
blooms in fantasy
I dream of small cabinet
in the lost woods
with a furry little friend
beside the loved one of mine
garden in backyard with rich vegetables
Smiling flowers and meadows to pass by
distant from sofisticated and rich
desire to have a tranquil life
breezy winds at dawn
aurora sky to gaze at night
far away from cosmopolitan
to sing my heart with the sky
I’ll live beside the plains and mountains
dream destination they ask
how can I explain them
it is more than just a place!?

This was my entry for the writing competition conducted by Anushka @ Anushka stories. Hope you liked reading it ✨

Ps: Check out the friendly ‘Talent competition‘ that I’m conducting. The last date for the submission is: 31st Mar. Do let me know if you have any queries or doubts.

Signing off for today. Thank you!!

36 thoughts on “Dream destination

  1. Some people, on reading this poem, would claim that you have created an excellent illusionistic place. I, however, disagree. When anyone and everyone can see what’s in your head, it’s not an illusion anymore. It’s a reality.
    Keep it up! ❀️
    P.S.: I would, honestly like to visit this place. πŸ˜ƒ

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