My Entry on Talent competition – Singularity

Even though I’m the host, I badly want to participate in it. This as a friendly contest like how we used to share our thoughts and works among our friends gang so it won’t be good if one friend who gave the idea doesn’t speak up. Here is my take on the topic, I’ll interpret … More My Entry on Talent competition – Singularity


Dream destination

Mystical neverlandor the land of ozplot from flight of fancywhere expectations oftenblooms in fantasy I dream of small cabinetin the lost woodswith a furry little friendbeside the loved one of minegarden in backyard with rich vegetablesSmiling flowers and meadows to pass bydistant from sofisticated and richdesire to have a tranquil lifebreezy winds at dawnaurora sky … More Dream destination

Was I good enough?

Every day I wake up asking the same question to myself “Was I good enough!?” I stay quiet most of the time. I might have not shared my problems with others, reached out for any help but that doesn’t mean I’m all good. I’m still learning and trying to figure out what life is trying … More Was I good enough?