The Reason behind my blog name and blogging

Hii my fellow readers!! I’ve become quite busy after offline classes started for final year students. It has become difficult for me to come up with new contents. So I decided to make a simple post on explaining why I named my blog ‘small talks’. Basically I hate small talks. That’s the truth, I don’t like to talk just for the sake of talking.I enjoy conversation. I wasn’t build for small talks“.

I will not say I don’t speak a lot because I’m quite and shy. It’s just that I never got an opportunity to have deep conversation with anyone in person. Truth is I love to talk! But I wanted someone who listens and not hear what I say.  I like people with depth who speak with emotion, a twisted mind. I didn’t like to gossip about who is she currently dating or what happened to your friend’s cousin’s brother! I wanna talk about meaning of life, the beauty of nature, your deepest desire, your unhealed scars, your type of music, childhood, love, fallen angels, myths, galaxies, stars and so much beyond. I usually scribble everything in paper and in my diary. But putting that scribblings online let’s others also to see. It might give them a hope that they are not alone who feels or go through the same. Reaching out to people and readers is something really beautiful. That’s when I thought of blogging. I also took this opportunity to improve my writing skills since English is not my first language.

I decided to keepwhere silence speaks as my tag line. I believe silence is beautiful and it has so much to say more than all the noises if only you listen. Silence speaks through our mind’s thoughts and it may seem all quite and calm but it can be chaotic at the same time.

That’s my profile pic in wp!!

I choose paws as my logo because I adore all those animals with paws like cat, dogs and pandas.

And don’t ask me about my site name ‘introvertbags’ because even I don’t know why in the world I kept it. Oh yes I remember, it’s because of my stupid sister. I wanted to have the word introvert so I thought of names like introvert thoughts, introvert writings, mind and finalized with introvert’s diary but that will be kinda too personal. So I asked for any suggestions to my sister and ended up with bags!! 

She: “doesn’t it mean like collecting all your thoughts and putting it in your introverted bag aka mind!?”
Me :

I’ve also created a new page and posted this same with a slight change on my blog so check it out here.

Signing off for today. Thank you for reading!!

Tell me your reason behind your blog name, why you choose that particular logo, meaning behind your tag line or the purpose behind your blogging in the comments below!!


49 thoughts on “The Reason behind my blog name and blogging

  1. I really like the reason behind your blog name and blogging. It’s really sweet.
    Oh, and by the way, if you wanted someone who would listen and not hear what you say, then I believe you have succeeded, given that you have hundreds now who would do this.

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  2. This was so fun to read! It was great to learn more about your blog 😄💕 haha the story behind your site name 😂🧐 I kind of get it and kind of don’t lol!
    I named my blog Maggie’s Doodles because I customized my blog with my artwork, and I share many doodles in my blog posts! They reflect my personality really well and fit really nicely in my content 😍💖
    My logo is a little doodle of me with my blog’s name! It’s simple and perfectly represents my blog 😁
    My tagline is “sharing positivity one doodle at a time!” because I love inspiring happiness and kindness through my work 😄💕
    I enjoyed reading this post and sharing some of my blogging story too! xx

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    1. Thank you so much Maggie!! ❤️
      Don’t worry even i dont understand it’s name 😂
      That’s so incredibly beautiful!! I always saw and admired all your posts with cute doodles. Your reason behind the tag line is so amazing!! The world needs more of positivity and kindness 💕
      Thank you once again for sharing your story!!! 😊

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  3. This was lovely Pavithra! I really love your tag line!

    2020 was the year it all happened.

    Everything that could go right did, as well as anything that could go wrong. But in all of it, they gave varying perspectives to life. We saw loss, pain, community, love, we saw ourselves push the boundaries of several limitations.
    At Retrogram, we are helping people tell the stories of their year-in-review. Retrogram collects the best and most inspiring stories and shares them to the world to see. Come share your story with us here

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    1. Thank you so much!! ❤️ You’re absolutely right!!
      That’s really a great initiative and awesome idea. I would love to be a part of it. Thanks for sharing!!


  4. I love the name, and the reason behind it. I don’t like talking just for the sake of it, and I don’t like gossiping about how she’s dating him but him not liking her but her still liking him. I agree with you, there’s just so much depth and beauty, and its all so much more worth talking about.
    I just changed my website name from Cherry Blossom Books to Letters To The Lost because it just has more meaning. My blog is about reading and literature, and that’s how I see books; the truth written down as a story you wish was your own. They’re like letters to those who need them; when you’re happy you can enjoy a book, and love it, but when you’re sad you really understand it; every emotion, every reaction, its all written down for us to read. That was a long rant, but yeah, I love your blog name 💙

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    1. Thank you so much for appreciating. It really meant a lot to me. I totally agree with you!!
      Your blog name is beautiful too. Reading is my most favorite hobby. Honestly your blog name drew me in. I found out your blog recently and egarly looking forward to read more from you. Thanks once again!

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  5. I love your blog’s name and tagline too, it attracted me when I saw it first as it’s unique.
    I recently changed my tagline same as my site’s name ‘AtlasWebDesigns’ and only my mind can understand it’s meaning so I can’t explain it here😁

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  6. Looks like you are my kind of person for having conversations!!💟💟, I named my blog vaniheart as vani means voice\sound, and this blog is the voice of my heart this vaniheart, also I conveniently cut this from my name “shi-vani” 😛😛

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  7. Wow!! Nice to know the story behind your blog!
    The tagline for my blog is “All about life, love, trust and hope for the YOUNG & WILD & FREE”
    The caps writing is from BTS’ song, ‘So What” . It suited the rest of the line 😀
    My profile pic is YOLO, also because of BTS’ ‘Go Go’ and it is very true: You Only Live Once!! 😀
    The logo has everything I like: A girl writing, dark, night, moon, and books 🙂

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      1. Don’t mention it!!
        Yeah, I thought so. You are after all an ARMY!!
        Tankuuu!(not a typo. It’s my favourite way of telling thanks:D)

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