My old and latest drawings- a comparison!!

I was cleaning my cupboard and suddenly found some old drawing books which I had when I was in 6th grade or something. I cringed so hard while looking at many of my bad drawings. Like every kid, I always loved drawing and coloring. Do you guys remember the days when we were a kid, we color with reckless aband. I mean, all our crayons will go out of the line and most importantly we color however we want. From red tiger, green bears, blue trees to pink water, it all looked good back then. We used to run around so proudly to show it to others. So what is making us cringe while looking at it now? As we get older we fall into criticism and perfection. Everyone keeps telling us to stay inside the lines, to color everything just like how they see it. We then end up drawing by numbers – whether you paint, whether you write or sing or dance.  Many feel like they are not an artist or don’t know how to draw. They feel hesident to hold their pencils now. But remember everyone is an born artist. We all started at the same time with the same scribblings. I bet many of us drew the same roof  house with 2 mountain having a sun in the middle. But as the time passes we find our own art.

Art is ones vison and everyone’s perspective is unique. So Create outside the line. Scribble what’s on your mind. Run your imaginations wild!! Let the people who watch your painting interpret their own story.

Drawing, doodling and painting is an art that satisfys our soul. You don’t have to be perfect in everything. Perfection comes through practice and experience. So if you hold yourself back thinking that others might judge you will benefit nothing. So take your pencils and start on your own. Find your inner artist which you left deep in your heart when you were a kid. Be proud of what you do with your whole heart.
Don’t be ashamed of your past. It is the same past that make the better future.

Every great artist has a closet full of bad paintings

-David Young

Okay.. So coming back to my comparison 😂
I didn’t go to any drawing classes. I went only once, just for 1 week but I wasn’t enjoying myself so yes, I quitted. I can proudly say that it was my past experience which made me a better artist today. Even though I know nothing about painting in general, I intended to learn more about drawing and colorings. Here are the outcomes….

Finally a BTS inspired one from ‘Black Swan‘ 💜 (*I love this song sooo much!!)

Do you cringe at your old drawings too? When was the last time you drew or painted your heart out!? Tell me in the comments below.

Thank you for reading!! Be safe and stay blessed ✨


67 thoughts on “My old and latest drawings- a comparison!!

  1. Here, you are cringing at what you think are your ‘bad’ drawings and I, on the other hand, am honestly trying to remember if I have ever made anything as beautiful as your drawings. 😁
    And the way your drawings have improved so greatly over time is extremely commendable.
    Really good work! ❤️

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  2. We all have our cringe drawings. XD I found my old drawings I made when I was nine years old and just mostly used random paper(no sketchbook as we were poor back then) to draw. Most of them were just random stuff and I don’t even remember what I drew.
    Also, your drawings look amazing. :3 I’m planning to do the same on my childhood drawings whenever I get a chance.

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    1. That’s so lovely to hear. I also had so many random drawings but sadly lost them. I’m sure your drawings would look beautiful so treasure them ❤️
      Thanks a lot for your compliments!!

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  3. That’s the curse of getting older, we lose the child in us, the one who is happy with whatever outcome of a few hours, hard work.

    I love that line you gave us, ‘everyone is a born artist’

    I love looking at them side by side. That little girl holding the bird is so precious, it speaks to me in a gentle comforting way.

    The more I scroll, the more amazed I got.

    I drew and painted today, just started though. I drew and painted three things so far, my goal is to draw whatever comes to mind on the day, everyday.

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    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment!! You are absolutely right.
      All these drawings have golden memories in my heart so I’m glad you liked them!!!
      Wow, so happy to hear that. Keep drawing and let your inner artist shine like it always does! ✨

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  4. Great progress! It really shows how hard work pays off.

    As a kid, I wasn’t much into drawing or painting, but more into crafting. I did a lot of crochet, macrame, paper mache, made lace, glued things out of toothpicks. Most of it was self-taught.

    One of my favorite activities was making French beaded flowers. Fast forward about 20 years and I decided to adapt this technique to creating scientific images in 3D. I am a scientist and love fluorescence microscopy, so it serves as an endless source of inspiration.

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  5. To be honest, your older paintings look wonderful 🙂 but the difference has not been only in the quality of art, but also in the exploring of different mediums, YOURSELF!!! 😀 By the way, I don’t cringe at stuff I did when I was younger ;), I just laugh. xD

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  6. Oh my goodness I love this post! You shared that message wonderfully, and I loved seeing your art – the oldest and the latest! 😂💕
    It’s a really awesome feeling when it’s our own experience that got us to where we are today. 💓

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  7. Awesome post! It’s so good to see how you have improved at drawing. Your drawings are so beautiful, especially the last one!😃🤩
    I cringe at everything I did when I was a kid.😂

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