Loneliest creature in the world

Do you know who is the loneliest creature in the world!?

It’s a whale!! Through a deep and beautiful song, I came across this interesting story (*I’ll talk about that song in the end)
Whales are known for their songs. They are the only method of communication. Normal whales communicate between 12 and 25 hz but the whale which I’m talking about is something unique. This special whale is so out of tune with the others. It is an individual whale of unknown species which only communicate with unusual frequency of 52 hz. It is found to always travel alone in search of friends and mate who could be heard. Sadly other whales can neither hear it nor understand its language. To human ears this is a low bass note and to other whales its the only one which emits high frequency. It’s voices goes unnoticed in the cold echoes of the ocean. Thus it is destined to sing forever alone in the ocean.

Reports say that it still wanders around the pacific ocean crying out for companion that never comes. “A lone whale with a voice unlike any other has been wandering the Pacific for the past 20 years”

Over years scientists have been tracking this mysterious song of the whale. Researches are still going on about it and no one knows the real reason behind this particular behavior of the rare whale. It might be a rare breed or one of a special kind. No one knows. Over years it’s voice seemed to have deepened slightly. Perhaps it has aged. Perhaps it has lost its hope. But its voice is still recognizable! Despite careful monitoring, we still couldn’t hear another call of same kind.

Does it feel lonely!? We don’t know. If all it ever know is solitude, will it still miss the crowd!? We don’t know that either.

The fact that BTS stands out from other K-pop or international boy band group is because of their stories and message that they convey. I had never seen any music artists who crafted a song to deliver a message of hope and perseverance like this before.
The song name is ‘Whalien52‘ meaning whale + alien, as its an outsider to other whales!
It’s about how you are surrounded by your same species and yet not heard or understood by them. It speaks up the loneliness felt and suffered by the teenagers these days. As we grow up, at some point, our voices do go unnoticed by everyone, even when we scream our lungs out. The lyrics goes like

Mom said the sea is blue

She said to let out your voice as far as you can

But what to I do? It’s so dark here and there are only different whales speaking entirely different words!

I just can’t hold it, ma! I want to say I love you

Alone, I look back at this music sheet that’s like a rotating song

This ocean is too deep

Still, I’m lucky

(No one besides me knows of these tears.)

I’m a whalien

Even though the lyrics describes the sadness felt by the whale, it eventually takes a positive note by saying

Lonely lonely lonely whale

Like this, I try calling once again

Until this song that doesn’t have a response

Reaches tomorrow

No more, no more baby

No more, no more

An endless signal will reach someday

Everywhere, even to the other side of the earth

Even the blind whales will be able to see me
Today as well, I sing, yet again

-Whailean52 (BTS)

It doesn’t give up on communicating and singing throughout all these years. Thus it’s heard by many people now. The researchers are not sure whether it is lonely or chooses to be this way because chances are there that it might want to find a whale who speaks the same language or shares the same song.

Even though its age is unknown, think about it, the lifespan of a normal blue whale is 80-90 which is almost 100 years. So can you think about spending these many years utterly alone!? But you are and will never be alone. You have people who care, love and above all value you. There will be times when you feel like no one cares for you but I repeat, you are never alone. We all go through that phase, feel isolated at times. It may seem like no one can understand what you are saying. Depression and loneliness goes hand in hand but still there are still people, reasons and hopes to pull you back out of the dark. Whenever you feel alone remember this “you never walk alone in this world” and remember the story of this whale too. 💜


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  1. Wow! Awesome post. When I first saw your featured image, I thought of BTS’ recent TinyTan release: 00:00 clock. Now I get why they used a whale!

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