Galaxy stars landscape – painting

Hey everyone!! I’m back with another art work. In my last painting post, many of my readers suggested me to use acrylic paints in canvas. Later I googled it and found out that it is easy to work with and dries too quickly compared to oil paints. So now I’ve used only acrylic it came out pretty amazing!!!

I had a thought of doing something related to night or even wolf under the full moon and finally made up my mind to do fantasy kind of galaxy in the blue sky. Unique right!? 😁

This painting somehow reminded me of the song ‘Magic Shop’ by bts 💜

I do believe your galaxy

I want to listen to your melody

Your stars in the Milky Way

Don’t forget that I found you anyways

At the end of my despair

You’re the last reason

For me who was standing at the edge of the cliff

So live

While drinking a glass of hot tea
And looking up at the Milky Way
You’ll be alright, oh, this here is the Magic Shop

Hope you liked it!! Have a great day ahead ✨


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