Collab Post + ‘Music in our heart’ + Something Special

Hiii everyone! I’m so happy to post my first ever collab with Poorwa @atlaswebdesigns. Yes, its her! We are pretty good blogger friends over here and had so many things in common especially with western and kpop songs. So recently we decided to do a collab post and came up with ‘music in our heart’. Now it’s finally here!! Check her blog out to see the other half of our collab and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

Here are Poorwa’s questions and my answers

1. Have you ever found yourself humming/whistling tunes to songs that you really hate?

Yes sometimes. I’ve never noticed until my sister catches me up saying ‘I thought you hated that song’! If I say I hate a song it means I don’t like or accept what they say in the lyrics. But sometimes I just can’t help it when the tune alone is too catchy. 🤷🏻‍♀️

2. Does music have the power to change your mood? How does music affect you?

Yes. Music really does help me to change my mood from being gloomy to happy. From being depressed to dancing on the floor within seconds. 😂

And also yes, Music really affects me in a way I can’t explain. I guess it is the only reason for me to stay optimistic even during my hardest time. 🙂

3. If you could be any singer in the world, who would you be and why?

Selena gomez!!! She looks pretty, has a melting voice, inspires through her words, been through hard times so gracefully. What else do i need? 😍

4. Do you think music is getting better or worse?

Both!  I’ve seen many young raising artists taking music into whole new level and also many others dragging it down. It’s all balanced I guess!

5. Do you play CDs or MP3s?

Always mp3! But I really wanted to have cds of my favorite album or of my favorite artist. But my parents think it’s waste to spend money on such things and everytime I go and ask them they’ll be like “who buys cds in 21st century?”. Sadly true!
I feel like some old things shouldn’t have changed. Those cassettes and cds always look aesthetic to me.

6. What images spring to mind when you hear the word ‘music’?

A little happy world of mine! Like it’s the only magic I’ve encountered. Yes, that explains it all.😊

7. Should music lyrics be rated similar to the way movies are rated?

That’s really a great question!!
In my opinion, it should. I agree everyone has the right to listen what they want but the same should apply for movies too. But why we rate it? It’s not to indicate whether it’s inappropriate or not. It’s just a simple way to say what is included in it before we get into it, like a precaution. And the choice is left open to us to decide whether to watch it or not.
My option is, why shouldn’t we apply the same for song lyrics ? Like movies, music influences people. You might say music shouldn’t be judged based on lyrics. I agree, lyrics of a song are just a part, but it is the first thing that stays and comes out of our mouth when we sing. So yes, I think it’s nothing wrong to rate it.

8. Do you really think music has no language barrier?

Yes I’ve realized and experienced it. I live in India. A country with variety of cultures, traditions and 22 languages in total. I don’t know most of the languages, yet, I enjoy listening to them.
I’m also more into western and kpop.
As humans, we all share the need to feel comfort, feel love, feel sadness, feel happiness, feel anger. Language really doesn’t explain these emotions. There is no language to speak to soul. I admit I don’t understand foreign songs but it doesn’t mean I don’t feel it. Music itself is a language that transcends all boundaries. Not just language, it transcends countries, cultures and also through souls.

9. What do you think of concerts versus the recorded music?

I personally prefer concerts over recorded music. Listening songs in concerts makes me feel alive. Hearing the instruments playing live, listening the artist voice directly along with the audiences cheering, it’s all so blissful.

10.What makes you like a song? The melody, the lyrics, or something else?

Everything matters. Personally, I chose my favorite songs based on lyrics. Sometimes I listen to music alone like piano covers or a random relaxing music on youtube where there is no lyrics. So every part of a song is what makes it beautiful.

A special announcement

I hope you liked reading this post. We thought of doing a collab on music because we had similar interests in it. We would be so delighted if you also join us using this tag ‘#Music in your heart’ to share your experience with music. We believe music can unit us without any barrier. In what language do you listen to music? Do you play any instrument? Do you have a favorite band or singer? Why do you like them? How they have and are still changing your lives in a good way? Whether it’s in the form of poem, drawing or your experience, your obsession about a particular genre, any awareness you want to make about music or simply a song recommendation! We would love to see your participation in it too. As always, getting new songs from your friends is what makes a music lover happy!

If you want to participate, thank you so much. Here are the rules..

  • ‘Music in your heart’ is our tag, so use this in your post’s title.
  • Answer the questions we asked in the ‘special announcement’ paragraph.
  • You can also add your own questions related to music and answer them. If you like the questions Poorwa asked to me, feel free to answer them as well.
  • Link back to Poorwa and Pavithra, so we won’t miss your post.
  • Play your music and have fun!

Hope you liked our post. Thank you for reading!!

Stay safe and be happy!!

21 thoughts on “Collab Post + ‘Music in our heart’ + Something Special

      1. Loved that article but couldn’t put a Like on it (because my browser blocked the pop-up) and couldn’t comment because it doesn’t seem to be a WordPress style blog. But, yeah, if you could pass on my appreciation that’s be great. 🙂

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      2. Thank you very much. I’m so glad that you liked both of our posts (Pavithra, it’s the taste of hard work right😄).
        And yeah.. my blog is a WordPress site (think I made it a bit confusing😅). Can you tell me about the problem you had on my blog?
        Once again, thanks a lot.

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      3. You’re welcome. I think the problem is that browsers these days routinely block pop-ups these days and your site tries to pop up a window to get me to sign on to my WordPress account even though I already am). It’s a problem I see a lot on sites with a different URL to the one given by WordPress. Not sure what the problem is or what the solution is, sorry, but I guess if I’m having it then others are too and so it could be stopping people Like-ing and Comment-ing.

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  1. “Music itself is a language that transcends all boundaries. Not just language, it transcends countries, cultures and also through souls.”

    I couldn’t have said it better. Music is like an anthem for your life. For every season of joy, sadness, excitement, prospect and overwhelm there is a fitting song to uplift whilst allowing us to feel what we will and then move through that x

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