Laying on my bed
I hear my mind
killing me with thoughts
that I can’t find
the voices I hear outside
draining the breath out of me
imagining a unknown place
where I hope to be

played a song with my headphones on
everything around me seemed far gone
the intro started when I closed my eyes
those keys and tempo were taking me high
pain that hid long enough in the ditch
were made loud with the wildest pitch
The repeating words in the lyric
constantly hold my heart in sync
slowly healing my unseen wound
with the beautiful words coming around

I felt relieved at the outro
next song played continously in a row

Yes I admit, it was the
only drug I didn’t want to quit

Edited in canva โœจ

I’m extremely happy to share my poem with you today. I write few poems but never felt this confident to post it!

Melomaniac -an individual who is inordinately and abnormally affected by music.

This poem is about how it feels listening to music and the process of losing oneself into it. How it reaches out, heal people during hard times and save our soul to any extend.

Pardon any mistakes in it because I’m no good in writing rhythmic poem.

Tell me your views and opinion on my poem in the comment section below ๐Ÿ™‚

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