Blogging milestone #1 : Thank you for 100 followers!

I’m so happy and filled with so much gratitude. My blog has 100 followers now(*is this real?). Ahhh..

I still remember the day when I started blogging in the month of July 13 2020. I was slowly beginning to learn about it. I didn’t think of anything at that time. I just wanted a good platform to write my thoughts, interests and hobbies. It was nothing new to me. I always had the habit of writing diary every night right from my childhood. When I grew older, I enjoyed reading a lot. Writers who fearlessly speak their voices through words. They inspired me to be like them. Not as a writer who publish books, just as a writer who shares her thoughts.

When I first started writing my blog posts, I merely had 1 followers, that was none other than my own younger sister. Only she was supporting me to move forward. I always worried whether my posts will reach the right audience or whether they would like it. I was afraid of rejection as always. But it was you who all made it possible. Guided me through your opinions, encouraged me through comments. So thank you so much with all my heart for being there, for taking your time to appreciate my work. Thank you to all my fellow followers who supported me, viewers who took time to like my post, writers who encouraged me with their blog posts!

It’s so awesome to see my hobby growing into something even more amazing. Blogging is really a fun way to spend your time. I mean, I enjoy reading so many blogs. Instead of wasting hours on social media, I personally think it’s a good way to improve myself. I’m still working on the designs of my blog (still not got used to it), trying to add new pages and playing around with appearances, sections and stuffs so I hope you can see my improvements in the upcoming days!

I would love to hear your feedback about my blog in the comment section below. Thanks again. Stay safe and be happy!


39 thoughts on “Blogging milestone #1 : Thank you for 100 followers!

  1. Congratulations! Keep working hard and being your amazing, funny, and unique self and your blog is sure to grow even more. My favourite thing about your blog is that your great personality comes through so clearly in your writing. ❀

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