Personal opinion on BTS and K-pop

Into the world of kpop

                                                              music begins where language ends
Have you ever wondered why kpop is getting more popular these days? What makes it different from others and addictive at the same time?
Well, if someone ask me what was the one decision which I have made and never regretted in answer would be simple! Listening to bts songs. To me kpop is all about BTS !
Boy with luv ft.Halsey @Billboards Music Awards 2019
I wasn’t into k-pop at all. In fact I was just a girl who loved hyping to One Direction and Jonas Brothers. Recently  I thought of listening and giving a try to find out the reason for it’s popularity around the world. In the beginning I thought they were some jerks who wear makeup like girls and Kinda look all the same. Blame society instead of me! 
I was taught pink and makeups are meant for only girls! People says girls are into Korean because of their looks, yes looks matter but there is something more into it. 
I watched their most famous songs and was fascinated with their choreography and voices. I quit myself from listening further when i came to know they don’t speak English much. I was like “nah! i neither understand nor can learn Korean for them”. Truly speaking their music drew me in again. It was at this moment I broke my language barrier. They changed me from saying “I only know one song ” to ” all their albums were marvelous!”.
I was so impressed with their theme and motto of the band- Focusing on the struggle that teenagers face and comforting us that we are not alone. BULLETPROOF ! 

When i turned on the English subtitle, I was speechless. The whole song was like a poem sang in heavenly voices. All the lyrics were so unique. After listening to so many times I understood what they said in Korean and the English meaning of it. Unknowingly their songs spoke to me. The group is made up of 3 rappers and 4 vocalist ultimately creating a cheerful and successful band. Their vocals took my breath away. I still sit and wonder how can i feel and understand their songs so deeply in a completely unknown language. Like always they had answer to this question too.
This is what RM, the leader of the group said in their documentary series – BTS: Burn the stage
      Different languages, cultures and emotions….
      Now people sing our lyrics, dance along to the same beat and we are able to communicate with gesture not words, we have touched their hearts with what we are best at, MUSIC ! 
BTS songs always cheers me up during my hard days as I dance and hype around like an idiot forgetting everything around me. They also made me laugh with their dorky behaviour. I struggled with  anxiety for a long time and their music has taught to love myself and told me that I’m not alone and I need to fight back! They sang not just about Love but all the other emotions which today’s singing artist fails to do. Their songs are about love, ego, rage, jamais vu, staying gold, being fake, fear of losing one’s passion, rich and poor, living harmony and also about having fun, drinking and partying upbeat songs by comparing them not to the strongest hero Superman but to the weakest hero Anpanman!
They center their music around pressure on teenagers, self love and mental health. I think the main reason why they are famous is because they are relatable, they joke around with each other and with us. They love their fans, I mean “Army”, like a family and have shared their personal things like loss of loved ones and mental illness/ eating disorder. They have been speaking their minds since their debut. They look inward, instead of singing outward at someone else.

K-pop as a genre is not only about the music, it comprises different things such as their outstanding choreography, cinematic storytelling, eye-catching fashion which makes it exciting and addictive for the fans. For the first time, I realized that I’m not fangirling to handsome cool popular guys but I’m admiring 7 ordinary guys who work really hard to achieve their dreams. Now I have started listening to many other talented groups like Itzy,Blackpink and some solo artist like taemin ! If you are also a k-pop fan like me especially in India , do check out this website for latest news:


25 thoughts on “Personal opinion on BTS and K-pop

  1. AWw, this was a cute post!! Very encouraging for someone new getting into Kpop, and especially BTS.

    I learned something new from this post: I had NO IDEA that “Fake Love” was about us having difficulty loving our true selves when we’ve created a fake version of ourselves to love instead…that’s really interesting.

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  2. I totally agree with you. Great post. I also couldn’t understand their songs when I first listened to them but after I started to watch their performances, their casual videos and their lyrics… the best song lyrics I have ever listened to. BTS is the best. There is no one else like them.

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  3. I love BTS ❀️😍…i have been an ARMY since two years. Since it has really helped me and taught me how to love myself through their music. So I always recommend ppl to listen to them …but unfortunately most of them think that it is all about their looks…so i hope this post will change their point of view n make them realize how amazing they are…love u BTS ❀️…

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  4. Extremely happy to hear that! Multifandom is always a good choice.Since you became a kpop fan,one of your life goal/dream would be going to south korea..haha!


  5. I love BTS and BLACKPINK. I have just recently become K-pop fan but I have already fell in love with it. I love songs like mic drop,not today,blood sweat and tears, fake love , how you like that, fire,etc. The favorite list is pretty endless. Not just BTS but even other groups such EXO, Red velvet are also awesome. This article pretty much summaries the entire Indian army feelings towards K-POP especially BTS.

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  6. I was someone who was least interested in BTS, but I'll have to give you credit for forcing me to hear them and for explaining me about their past and all the struggles they faced in reaching this current position! At present I love two of their songs (anpaman and fake love), thou I'm not so much into BTS, But yes! I can say their songs are unique and good to hear.πŸ˜ƒ

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